Everything it’s over now – The Healing Moon

Anna opens the door and says: Guten Morgen, wie geht es Ihnen heute, Frau Sane? Sie haben Ihre Freundin Tara hier, Sie moechte Ihnen heute besuchen, sind Sie ok?

Moon opens her eyes and sees herself surrounded by white walls. Next to her, in bed, there is a doll in a pink tutu with the name Lia on its chest. The wall over her table is full of childish drawings all signed Josie. There is a broken badminton butterfly next to the garbage bin.

Moon looks confused.

She gets down from the bed and notices the floor is wet, something orange tainted her hospital white socks.

– Hi Moon? How are you feeling today?, starts Tara.

Moon instantly becomes pale and visibly in pain.

– I brought another drawing from Josie, she didn’t want to come herself, she said she cannot stand the smell anymore. And I brought you also a piece of cake from Meredith and Jason’s wedding.

At this point Moon starts screaming in agony.

– It’s ok, my love, I’m here. You’re home, everything is safe. You had another nightmare.

Just few seconds later a baby starts screaming his lungs out.

After kissing Moon one more time on her forehead, Jesus slowly stands from the bed and while still holding his eyes on Moon he starts moving towards the other side of the room. He leans over the crib and lifts up an adorable baby boy with huge brown eyes. From the other room, Josie barges in, with Lia in her arms begging to be put down.

Ruffus comes also, half asleep, while chewing on the poor badminton butterfly.

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