Captured – The Healing Moon

November 10th 2021 – one week after that episode with Moon’s nightmare, it’s Tara’s birthday and she invited Moon and her current partner to a transcendental meditation lecture.

We don’t know much about what this means and what it implies, but it sounds fancy… and holistic. Transcendental meditation. Perfectly suitable for Moon and Jesus’s object of work. As they were a bit late, because their baby-sitter cancelled in the last minute and they had to negotiate with Josie, to watch over her younger siblings and tuck them in to bed, when they arrived at the lecture almost all seats were occupied.

Tara, impatient, kept looking for them and when she finally saw them she raised a hand to catch their attention. She had saved them two seats.

– Jesus Espejo, he presents himself, Holistic Therapy Consultant, and then adds laughing, Moon’s new husband.

– He is joking, interrupts Tara, they are not married, they only had Ben together.

– Jack Forester, said Tara’s date. Photographer. Wait a minute, I know you, says, looking at Moon.

Moon is blushing, but she says she doesn’t know who he is, if they ever met before she doesn’t remember him. So we believe her.

After they catch their breath they take their seats and pay attention to the lecture. The whole lecture. Very attentive. No giggling at all. If we hadn’t known Moon we may say she has a “thing” for men whose name starts with J.

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