Me starts learning music now

After seeing the vlog with Claire’s perfect pitch, I installed myself an app.. it’s called Perfect Ear.. it’s interesting 🙂

I mean, I want to know more things also on theory, as I learned the keys in school in solfege, I had no idea which one was C, G, F etc. I remember around 16, when I had my first boyfriend, a guy passionated about guitar singing, he tried to teach me the notes also but in vain, I was resonating with other topics at that age, like chemistry and biology. Lol.

I mean, I need some new things to distract me from burning out other… things… until they will start to stop talking to me. Btw, on September 6th I expect an award.

I was resonating more with the piano, but I couldn’t afford having one.. actually nobody took my yearning seriously.  Until 2011 when I bought myself a keyboard thanks to one award I got at work. And I managed to learn few lines from Fur Elise.. in 3 days… and when I discovered my younger brother learned more from the song, plus another one in the same time frame, I lost my mood. I mean, I had to go to work also.. he didn’t, so he had more free time, actually.

Sometime in 2013 or 2014, I forgot the year, I was very close to start singing lessons. It didn’t materialize. And then I seriously thought about starting again but I’m extremely sensitive to criticism in this department (because I am aware I’m novice at singing – my voice is not as stable as I wish/like to believe) and I won’t need anyone too strict, to discourage me, more than energizing & inspiring me, so I came to the conclusion, that, if I’m interested to learn more, the internet is already saturated of information and apps, to learn in my own pace. Singing is for me the most effective way of calming down, relaxing or tuning out when needed, like when doing dishes or cooking or sometimes, the first minutes from taking a shower.

Anyway.. Argentina is back in the game. Me goes back to sleep. Gotta continue the dream from last night :)) it was so sweet. And tomorrow I have to work – I have 5 results-review/planning-meetings, one after the other, a record.. so, if I survive all of them I can go back to my app.

Still, my heart will be tomorrow with the #protests in Bucharest. Unfortunately, I had already requested off today and on Thursday, planned for staying in huge-lines for paperwork to renew my driver’s licence and passport. But I’m dreaming of being there in the weekend next week. 🙂 And I want to try some other flavor of eclaire, so see you there. Somewhere. Sometime..

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