1 out of 2 plus 0.3

This is the status of the tasks I managed to complete today… I woke up at 6 AM :(( Dad drove mom and I to Pitesti, directly to stay in line to be scheduled for passport. I stayed 1h in that line, outside, in the rain, time in which mom went and paid the fees for pass and driver’s licence.

I managed to complete 0.75 from the passport renewal task, the rest of 0.25 consists in filling up a power of attorney for daddy to pick it up in 10 working days, when it is ready, because I have to fly back until then… And then to find a way for me to receive it.

The driver’s licence task… only 0.25 completed… after I spent almost all day on Tuesday filling up all the medical checks and staying 2h in another line this morning, after I got my order-number for the passport picture and stuff.

The thing is.. Some months ago they have apparently implemented an online appointment service, which seems to fail with honours for some cases, like mine. Plain stupid bureaucracy.

Because, when I had it clear that I can fly to RO, when I booked my plane tickets almost one month ago, there were no more places left to make an appoinment for these days, when I was able to take free day. And currently all places are booked until August 3rd = stupid system.

However, from all info my parents were able to gather from other people and what I read also on the internet, there was still a possibility to show up there directly, without appointment, in an additional line.

Yeah.. after waiting 2h in that line, (I was the 3rd when I got there), so happy that I finally got inside, I am asked: “Do you have an appointment for today?” “No”. “Is your driver’s licence expiring today?” “No”. “Good-bye, then. Next!!”

“Wait, what, why?!”, I said. “The line is only for expired, stolen, lost or name-change”. “What?!!” “I didn’t know this… Nobody told me this… So what you’re trying to say now is that, if my driver’s licence is not yet expired, I have to come again when it will, in order to make it? Please, I don’t live in RO anymore, I cannot come again also in August when it will be expired or when I can find more places for an online appointment. Please!”

And then she told me to go to the Bucharest Office, because, seemingly,  only there they do also non-expired and without appointment. And to stop arguing with her and to leave, because I’m losing the time for the other people.

I didn’t know if to feel ashamed, perplexed or just amused by the situation. But then, when I found out that the fee paid in my county, is not valid also in Bucharest Office and I will have to pay it again, I knew exactly how I felt: very angry. And is not about the money that I was angry, I was angry because of the faulty overall process.

In conclusion… I tried to be a diligent citizen and to show up here in time, before the expiration, and I found a bug in the system. Somebody please help me fix it.

Or to change my permanent residence, do it in CZ and give it a big fat Zero fuck to this faulty RO system. 😀 But then I will have to do the passport again on the new address 😦 … That’s why my EGO is never satisfied, because it didn’t have from where to learn better, by growing up in this system.

Oh yeah.. The extra 0.3.. Something else that didn’t work as expected showed up, right after we returned from Pitesti and we had to stay another 30 min in the bank to fix it, but it was something that will help us also for the future.

Conclusion 2: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune AND Pluto are currently retrograde. So, I should be grateful I managed to complete even this 1 out of 2. See you again in August.. Or should I pay a visit also to the Bucharest Office (pun intended)?

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