More crystals..

Last night I dreamed I was offered a gift, a set with bracelet and necklace, from silver, with many symmetrical magenta crystals attached to it. It was delicate and shiny.

But I felt offended. I asked the person why he is offering me that… I never asked or expected anything material from that person, in the reality nor dream world, so I was very surprised. Except from that lily-of-the-valley flower, that I received many-many moons ago, also in a dream, when he told me “thank you, for everything you do for me”.

I asked what I did to deserve that jewelery and I was given few qualities about me, so old that I even forgot them… It was nice to have them remembered. This is what I was expecting and needed the most, appreciation, comfort, kindness, not material possessions.

I remember in the end I didn’t accept the gift, but I instructed the other important persons in my life to make a bit of space, because I accepted him, with all that he is, so we might see more of him in the future.

Now I’m trying to decipher what it means. Remembering of the last time I dreamed about magenta and purple crystals… 🙂

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