Dear cortisol level..

I think you got too much of a mind of your own… You need to take a Vacation. Like a full month Vacation or a Sabbatical. You are getting crazy.

I know, you were dreaming of spending a week in a ultra-full-inclusive Spa in Tunisia.. But life had different plans for the time being. And maybe the time for that is not yet lost, now that your owner has recently renewed her passport.. it would’ve been too hot in the summer for that anyway. So maybe November.

Anyway… Dear cortisol level.. You are so high (most probably) because you care too much about things out of your control zone. About too many things.. About the Unbreakable Kimmy.. Funny show, btw.

Yeah and about that pizza waiting for you for dinner. How are you planning to burn the calories from eating it? By taking a tandem swimming with Nessie, perhaps? 😀

Dear cortisol level.. Remember the most recent dream? At a terrace somewhere in Constanta, it was cold and rainy outside, we were sitting in front of each other at a wooden bench and I was having some sheets of a playwright or a novel, he had given them to me to read them and then to discuss about the plot. But I have some feeling that this might’ve actually been the 2nd encounter, after the resetting of the Time.

Then, I climbed some long stairs and I saw something truly amazing, it was a garden with a lot of crystals and some shapes like shiny castle towers, but everything was reflected in both right and left, in a shape like being under some cupola. And there was also a very bright light coming from the valley. It was like a sunset, but without the actual set.

Which reminds me of the dream I had last night, it was another very lucid dream, I wanted to go to a certain place where I knew I couldn’t go in real life. It was exciting and I was pushing so hard to not lose focus until I arrive there, because I was aware that the road is long, I had to survive through some metro stations.. some road crosses… Yeah.. What happened with those dreams when you dream yourself directly there, not in the road to… There.

Yeah! I remembered now where I wanted to go. Which makes me think I’ve actually been there few times before, yet not exactly there, time-space speaking. Epic. So, let’s meet there, directly, next time. Do I need an access card or can you pass me as a Lucid Dreamer / Astral Projecting Visitor?

Yours truly, some_5%_from_the_other_90%_of_the_brain, unconsciously used.

PS. Relaxation is not lowering Stress levels. Only Active Loving is.

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