Scottish fauna and flora

Today I walked 16.5 km. At least this is how much my LG Health app says. Yesterday 14.5 km.

Today we climbed to Arthur’s Seat, came back down, had lunch in one cool vegetarian restaurant, came back to hostel for a refreshing session and then, because it was too nicely sunny outside, decided to walk down until the port. What better way to dry your hair, than the summer breeze. 😀 And after we admired the port we took a bus back, because the rain finally caught us.. after it was promised for 3 days now.

Yesterday we spent all morning in the National Scotland Museum, it was so fun. Then we went to see the Castle and we had some Fish and Chips at Ross Fountain in the Princess Street Garden. By “we” I mean me and the Seagulls. Zubatus had just a draft beer.

In the afternoon we went for a Sunset View to the Calton Hill. And, unfortunately the sunset got cancelled due to cloudy weather. But it was fun. The part with the beer after, in the open air area next to the train station, where we started talking with the spanish couple next to us at the table.

Anyway.. What I actually wanted to write about, the local fauna and flora: Seagulus Garbaticus, Campanula Edinburgova and Mărăcinus Localus.20180722_135218_HDR-1 That’s it, I wrote. Hope there is no more need to describe the characteristics of all these. Now I can write about something less funny.

I got to page 300 from my Outlander book. I packed the tablet in the last minute, because it was two times lighter than the book. And Leo didn’t let me take the book. Planning to finish it until the end of this Vacation.

Tomorrow we have train to Inverness. 🙂 So, see you there.

Btw, did you see that picture that Paul shared on Instagram? The one with Nina in it, two seats away, that she commented with a Heart Emoji? Epic.

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