Can’t stand these seagulls anymore

Inverness is 10% Churches and Funeral Services and 90% Hotels and Guest Houses. And way too many seagulls. And they are making sooooo much noise. 😀

We had an awesome trip on Skye yesterday, half of day rainy and windy, and then, in the way back, only sun. And today Zubat’s friend picked us up and drove us to a fruit farm, where we hand-picked our raspberries and strawberries and we bought also a huge home-made vanilla ice cream cone. Each. And we ate them on the beach. Until the very fine sand, blown by the wind, contaminated them.

The water was cold, North Sea.. what can you expect. I only dared to get in it until the knees and walked along the shore in the search for stones and sea shells. But the guys had bigger guts 😀 They went for a swim, in their undies, while I was taking pictures and laughing at them.

But what I actually wanted to write.. when I had no more patience, I forwarded in my book to read only the scenes with Bree and Roger and not little was my disappointment when I discovered I only had the 1st volume.. And couldn’t find the translation also for the 2nd part.. So I started reading spoilers on wikia. Which led me to the 5th book… So when I go back home I have to start reading my paper version of The Fiery Cross in the original language.

Funny thing – in the train from FM to Ostrava, when we started our trip, I saw a lady wearing the same exact model of sport shoes and they were less worn than mine… so I took the hint.

And I said goodbye to my old sport shoes, the ones with blue, grey and violet, and fed them to Nessie… they were not broken or anything, they just got deformed due to intensive use, I had them for 2 and 1&2 years and I was starting to feel pain in my toes. The best shoes I ever had in my life. I took also the pink ones with me, as back up, in case they will get wet and I will not have where to dry them.. I was definitely not expecting beach weather. And in Edinburgh we caught only a wee bit of rain until we got inside.

And Leo bought me a lovely cashmere scarf. Enough gift for my next 5 birthdays :)) And we met a family of Romanian people in the gift shop. Cool tripatko. Starting to feel sorry for getting back on Saturday, but we still have one more trip for tomorrow and a nice pub to discover for dinner today. And I’m thinking of having some Seagull stake. Joking. Some local fish stake.

Update: turns out we ended up in Morrisons and we bought dinner from scratch. I had a Caesar salad so delicious, with toasted bread, 240g of chicken breast and local cheese, not even Caesar himself had the chance to taste. Total of £4. With a starter of 1 & 1/2 Nurofen… Sudden Headache… And no more alcohol today. 😀

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