This week went so fast. :undecided face:

Yesterday evening, during dinner, my Zubat was running by me his plans for the next days: tomorrow evening we meet the Veverka family at Tom’s, then we have open air cinema, on the football field next to the church (aka the Pokemon Gym), then the next day we take bikes and go to river, then late lunch at some terasse restaurant..

And I was like:

“Wait, you have off on Friday? I cannot bikes, I’m working!”

“Honey, tomorrow is Friday, then comes Saturday. Saturday we go bikes.”

“Wait, what? No, tomorrow is Thursday. Today is Wednesday, right?”

… Yeah… Anyway… Year-closing is bad for health.  And it was so incredibly hot this week.

Last night I was having nightmares, I felt very restless when I went to bed, I took one Mg pill, then I was dreaming about Excel sheets and Missing Time Reports following and suffocating me.

I woke up at 2 AM burning hot and with a headache. 27 degrees in the room. We opened the window from the forest and let it open all night. Barely after employing one wet towel to cover my legs, took one nurofen and one litre of water without breathing, I finally was able to fall asleep peacefully.

Then Bonnie woke us up, begging at the dormitory door, to be let out. No, wait, that was yesterday morning.

Wait. My Zubat is drunk (after 3 draft czech beers) and wants to eat me alive. In public!

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