About micellar water and hyaluronic acid

Nothing, I just wanted these words also on my blog, hoping of appearing more fancy. I hope I spelled them right. 😀

If I think that these are a waste of… everything… it means I’m a bad person? Am I a bad person if I think that I can live also without them?

Sure, I never used any of them, from what I know… unless they were hidden in my usual face cream or shower gel.

Sure, I don’t even know what they are about, I’m just saying… I mean writing.

It’s like you cannot go in any shop these days and not having to see an ad or promo to one of these. And they are not that cheap anyway. Not that I couldn’t afford them, is just that Why would I buy them?! Know what I’m sayin’?

I mean, I feel completely indifferent to them. Am I bad for not using them? Will I die ugly and alone? 😀 (Uglier… Surprisingly, but I think my face is getting nicer with the years passing.. I like it more than 10 years ago, for example. Or maybe is just the selfie technology that’s improving.)

Ok, ok.. I’m joking. Maybe.

Ok, ok, with my Flexi points for this month, I will head to the nearest online pharmacy and purchase for myself one of each of these products.

And then I hope I will stop seeing them first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

O, God, what have I done…

It’s like trying to fight with astrology. Molecular gastronomy, they say.. #onemoremonth #dreamingaboutmyaward #survivingaddiction

Now, seriously, I think I had too many carbs for dinner today. I’m bursting of joy on the inside. For no reason.

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