They shouldn’t have seen us!

How to put this nicely… Well… It seems that my own dreams are sabotaging me.

I have intruders in my own lucid dreams!

So, I was involved in a very passionate encounter, like usual, everything was going so well, very detailed sensations. He was on top, we were preluding etc.

But, while I was struggling to unbuckle his belt, some neighbors showed up and wanted to entry the building and they somehow felt disturbed by us.

Surprisingly they were on the same plane of reality as the frame of my dream, they were able to see us and feel us, not just to pass by like holograms, as I was expecting.

You see? It doesn’t make sense.

It was MY lucid dreaming, I knew where we were, on the asphalt in front of the appartement building where I grew up, but I also knew that nobody else should see us and if we ignore them they will go away and let us continue. It was my invented reality, capisci?

But still… we got interrupted. And then I semi woke up and I couldn’t connect back. 😦

You see… about more than 10 years ago, when I started to interest myself with my spiritual development, I went to some classes of Energetics or whatever they were called.. It sounded very interesting to learn how to access different planes of reality.

And they told me I don’t need to work on opening because I’m already open. From the Mother Nature. Probably from birth. My 3rd Eye.. or whatever is called (if really exists) is already active. And they also told me that my main focus should be on acquiring proper Protection and Grounding, because being open all the time I’m like a lighthouse, standing out from the darkness of the unconscious and both good and bad entities can easily find me and use my energy.

Yes, now I don’t believe this either, I think it only makes me appear funny when I mention these, probably because now I’m too rooted into the material reality. Or maybe the Confidence that I achieved from living these 10 more years on this planet are enough Protection.

But.. What I don’t understand or don’t want to understand, is why my lucid dream got interrupted. 😦 So it seems I have a Security Breach.. In my Confidence shield.

Or maybe the other participant of the dream was also experiencing network connectivity issues, due to high heat lately and forgot to turn on the AC.

Funny, right?! I want my dream back. :unsatisfied face:

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