Whenever, wherever

Regarding the TTC process, nothing yet. I had a routine check this morning (Later edit: I was assigned to the same lady as two years ago and this time I went alone, which was a bit confusing because she talked too much and I didn’t understand everything… Now, thinking back, remembering… I’m starting to feel anxiety that if things turn | | and I go to the same one again, the same history might repeat. 😦 )

You know, you think you forget the things while time passes, you think you didn’t feel that sad when they went wrong last time, but two years later when you see that you’re still trying and nothing, you kinda start to feel also what you didn’t feel the first time.

They said it’s indeed bit too early to tell.. I should keep testing for like one more week. And the idea of having blood taken to test the HCG didn’t attract me much, today, so I didn’t even suggest it. Anyway, yesterday I was more hopeful, than today when I saw nothing but white instead of the test line.

It was very fun in Prague. The dinner was awesome, the work was also cool in the new office, on Monday we had a meeting room with I, L, and C. And yesterday I was working on hot desks with O. On Monday we’ve been on the roof, on the running track. And L and C even tested the massage facility, I couldn’t, I had a call. And by the end of yesterday my bottom was hurting me unbelievable 😦

Yesterday we tried the canteen downstairs, indian style.. I mean everything smelled curry-ish. It was good. I had fish. Something weird btw, lately I’ve been attracted too much to fish (salmon or white one, those with no bones for ex) than meat. Turkey and chicken don’t like them anymore.. I got bored with them. But I might have to eat some for today…

I have also discovered beef hamburgers, the Deluxe type, from Tesco. In a closed pan cooked with sweet potatoes and then eaten with pickled ginger, they are divine.

So.. That’s it. Just arrived back, at the gate now, and the other half of avocado is begging to be eaten. In my 180 cm bed. Ok, half of it. Where I have my office today.

Cool, we have tomatoes:


And something else to add.

Somehow I triggered all memories from the last time, starting this morning when the taxi forgot to arrive when it was called by Leo, so I had to wait for 20 min for another order – while my car was sitting alone in the garage – I realized that sometimes you just have to be Brave. By the way, I wrote this paragraph four times and deleted and wrote it again and now I realize I’m experiencing extreme mood changes. Interesting. I’m taking it as a positive sign. 😀

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