We feel good :)

I saw the sac. Only one 😀 Right where it should be, the size it should be, all good.

I saw also the yolk, I started to feel excited when she found it and I first saw it on the monitor. Still too early to see anything else, we are at 5 weeks and 2-3 days according to my calculations, respectively 5 weeks 6 days according to the official calculation, from LMP.

In two weeks I will go again to see everything else (hopefully Leo can join me also this time). And I think I stopped POAS for the time being, because the HCG is already too high to be able to see any difference in the intensity of the line.

I’m extremely tired, yesterday I almost fell asleep after lunch, then, around 16, because it was sunny and nice, I took Bonnie and we had a slow round of Olesna and then we had dinner. At 21:30 I was sleeping on myself.

I have no nausea yet, just a light dizziness and head in the clouds in the mornings, maybe I should start eating more consistent breakfasts, since now I’m always hungry when I wake up. And I have high appetite for fruits: watermelon, peaches, grapes. Can’t stand apples and bananas, though.

Also, sometimes I have waves of extremely short span of short-term memory. I think this is due to reducing caffeine intake. Also, yesterday evening and this morning I was feeling very anxious.. Weird thoughts run through my mind. I know them, I accept them, they are right, but that’s life. You cannot always get exactly what you want. You have to slowly build what you want, with what you have.

I had such a beautiful dream this morning – as for, getting what I want, in one reality or another -, I woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t fall asleep again. Now I’m in Fryda, enjoying some shopping, for my last day of vacation.

Yesterday I have received my order from Lekarna.cz, I found aluminium free antiperspirants and I ordered also some other washing gels for sensitive skin and times. I even discovered today Dove shower gel for sensitive skin, with 0% soaps and micellar water.

And yeah, stay tuned I’ll keep you posted.

PS. Just ordered my first taxi in Frydek Mistek, in czech. And it came!! Do you have any idea what this means? A new era of independence!!

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