I don’t know what to eat anymore..

I know, I’m not the only one who has ever been through this. I’m not complaining. I’m just sharing my experience…

You want to know something that nobody tells you? I will tell you. There is no such thing as morning sickness. Because it’s lasting all f* day. From about 1h after breakfast until I fall asleep at night. Ok, it may reduce from intensity while afternoon is approaching, but it’s coming in waves. Sorry. At evening. In a usual day at 10 PM you can cut logs over me.

Ok, not really, I have a very light sleep. Besides having to wake up about 3 times each night to pee, every strange noise wakes me up also… If my Leo happens to have some moments of heavy breathing I have to give him a “hint” to roll over on the other side… Apparently this is a training mode, getting used to sleep only in sessions of 2-3 hours.

I had such a beautiful dream last night, I was teaching English to my little girl. I wish it so badly for that 11 mm creature with that tiny heart beat, that we saw on monitor on Wednesday, to be a girl.

Now, back to the foods. The only thing I could see myself eating at all times is yogurt and unflavored cereal flakes. I cannot stand fresh veggies anymore… From that evening when I threw up only chunks of veggies. All colours. 😦

I cannot stand not even pasteurized orange juice anymore. 😦

My all favourite RioMare cous-cous Insalatissime doesn’t taste the same anymore. My taste buds are completely crazy. I cannot see or smell or even be in the same proximity with the fresh meat or fish shelves.

I ordered food for lunch on Thursday, I just didn’t know what to eat and the idea of a  Zinger from KFC didn’t make me nausea. Yet. And I added also a portion of Crispy Tenders and a mash-potatoes box. The sandwich was ok, but the chicken and the mashed while they got cooled a bit they tasted horribly bitter. Apparently my taste buds confuse spicy with bitter. Or simply that food is not meant to be eaten while is not very hot anymore. Great, now I cannot even conceive trying any fast-food again.

But I still crave hot-dogs. With a lot of mustard. I know they say you should not eat them because they can contain some very harmful bacteria, but I also read that if you boil them right, by yourself, before eating them, they are ok. Today I just couldn’t help it anymore. I found some with 90% meat.

I mean, I think it is still much safer to eat these or already cooked and packed chicken schnitzels (carefully re-heated before eating) than to try to cook meat by yourself, dirtying your hands, knifes, kitchen sink etc.

What else.. I discovered that fresh apples from the garden, hand-picked and very well washed can help a bit with the nausea also. And the Holy ginger root tea. And mint tea or nettle tea, from time to time. Otherwise I don’t even know which other tea to drink.. Everything comes with so many weird plants and ingredients that I don’t know if they are safe or not.

Bye for now. My boiled potatoes with salt and butter are done.

And that bag of salted pistachios kinda flirts with me.

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