Do you remember?

I started reading again The Celestine Prophecy, over 10 years since I first read it. Nothing much changed since then… in respect to the over-all evolution of consciousness of the human race.

Yes, the access to information has increased exponentially, the sources from where to re-educate yourself – with kindness – are also way too many, but the big majority of the users, the ones which didn’t have enough means to “touch” the Internet in the early 2000, when the first personal sites and blogs started to bloom, they don’t respect them, they don’t know how to use them properly, they don’t understand how to discern between a true source and a fake one, they don’t know how to properly add value, they are just consuming media crap, trolling and lurking.

The truth from the book is still valid, maybe even more easily to recognise it right now, because the fight for energy has reached a climax. Everybody is fighting for power. The majority has no more respect for the minority, they are obsessed, drunk with power, fighting against that 1-5% that is different.

It’s now much more obvious. Yet most are fighting with imaginary monsters. Not inner monsters, just imaginary… just for the sake of fighting. Because they don’t know peace, they never met it.

And yeah, I’m just at the beginning of the 4th Vision.. I remember bits from the rest, but I do want to finish reading it again. Some paragraphs are for very beginners, but others are still inspiring.

I had a dream last night. It changed something in me. I made a confession to someone, over something that happened in the early spring of 2009, that consumed me way to much at that time, but I never dared to say what was really my true motivation for asking for that information.

My impression was that I was understood wrongly, but the reaction I received at that time was too aggressive to even conceive the idea to explain myself. And it was altruism, you know. The reason why I asked for that information, at that time. But I guess you’ll never know it.

Now I realized I was too naive, for a very long time: you cannot make yourself understood to someone who is having a tantrum. You need to wait for them to realize what they did and barely after they apologise to continue. Barely then, they are able to listen. Well, my naivety stayed in the fact that I was forgiving too many things from too many people who never apologised. Because I didn’t know that people can do that. Until I learned that they can. Which revealed me where were the true monsters under my bed.

Or maybe I wrote it, in some email later on, that was probably never read? I don’t remember. I only remember that I kept inside way too many details about that. Because nobody had the care and the energy to help me understand when it’s enough and it’s ok to stop. Until someone did, yet the Time-Out in which I am right now is lasting proportionate to the age of my soul…

So, one looooong sigh and let it go. Ok, another one. And another one. It’s like the more I remember and I try to let go the more I remember. I lost hope that anyone will ever take me out from this Time-Out, but I’m in peace, nonetheless.

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