Dry cooked salmon, basmati rice

With cucumber, avocado and soya sauce aside. So who said you cannot have sushi? 😀 Ok, cooked Sushi. It might be a month since last time I had salmon, I was usually having once per 1-2 weeks. I was missing it. It was delicious.

Leo made fresh coffee this morning. He even remembered it was 3 weeks ago when we last made coffee… because I couldn’t stand the smell anymore, I am usually having instant. But this morning it smelled so good, cozy, house was all clean, I even had a feeling of Christmas vacation, waiting for the tree to appear behind some corner.

Surprisingly the nausea is starting to settle down, I learned to not let the stomach to get empty, always having nuts or sticks or salty biscuits and I cannot eat out anymore… too many smells. And I started having a bit more energy, probably the body is now comfortable without the after lunch coffee. But I am giving a lot of credit for this also to the ginger root tea, it calmed a lot my stomach and my bowels. And since I’m having the last meal at 19:30ish I’m good enough to fall asleep at 22ish.

What else… Yeah, yesterday morning I was shopping and I was in the mood for some good jam. And I bought myself a jar of very good bio Apricots jam and it was delicious on freshly baked bread with butter. We already ate half of the jar :D. Hopefully I will not abandon it, like I did with the peanut butter – I took a spoon from it when I bought it and then I didn’t like it anymore.

It got cold. Yesterday we had under 15 max, today, now at noon we have 12 and tonight should be around 6. So this evening we will start the heating up season, Leo has cleaned yesterday the chimney, he was all black.

So that’s about it for now. 9 weeks and counting.

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