That day on Isla Mujeres

It was amazing. Remember?

I rented a bike and I did the tour of the isle, closest as much as possible to the shore. It was sooo hot! In the middle of the day, I was having bio sunscreen I applied 3-4 times on my arms and on my shoulders, I was afraid I will get burned, but it worked. No sun burn.

When I finally arrived on the other head of the isle I found a Jamaica style restaurant and I had fish tacos and a natural lemonade. I don’t know what they put in that lemonade, but it was the best I ever had in my life!

But you know what was the most energy charged moment from all that trip? The first afternoon in Guadalajara at the Taqueria Tomate: tacos, Corona and one Enrique video on the high monitors. I’m telling you, I will be able to draw energy from that moment for eternity on. It’s impossible to not feel instantly good when you get there. The food was also awesome and relatively quite cheap.

I think knowing the local language helps you connect more intensively with the grounds. Israel was also nice, but not that much epic. Israel was more of a dare, to myself, an idea that started from discovering the exact place of a set of cubic stones.

There are times when you feel epic in the company of other people, but in the end I noticed it’s not the company that makes you feel good. It’s you and the connection that you have with that place. I discovered that you can still share a particular place with other people, even if you haven’t been there in the same time.

It’s intriguing, you know? I usually feel so much when I listen to Enrique’s songs, but when I was at the concert I didn’t feel absolutely anything for the big majority of the show. It was very nice, sure, it was my first big concert, but I didn’t feel it as I was expecting it.

This is really awesome. I haven’t achieved this feeling of high in quite a while and I didn’t even have sugar for dinner. 🙂

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