Accepting that you’ll never be good enough

Fortunately the internet is big enough also for mediocre people to write in it. Like me. Average in everything. Just as special and unique as everybody else.

But no, what I actually mean: I’m at the middle of my life and I have no special skills in anything. No outstanding achievements. Nothing out of the ordinary to brag with. As a random example, the last movie I saw in Cinema was in 2015. Fifty shades of grey. I haven’t seen a professional theatre play since 2007. (Later edit, actually 2008. The one in 2007 was a musical, in Lisbon). See how average am I?

Am I in a mood today of feeling sorry for myself? Perhaps. I mean, why not? I’m tired of carrying all this armour. Why keep fighting? Nobody cares anyway. And I’m saying it with the most peaceful mind…

I did try you know? I had a time when I cared. I cared also about what other people think about me. I cared of not getting out or going to work without make-up. But now nobody cares anyway.

So when you suddenly come to the realization that, considering what you did so far, you will never be good enough to achieve your most ardent dreams, what do you do?

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