Faith in humanity back restored

Yesterday evening he brought me flowers! ❤ And Medovnik. (Maybe he read the blog post from below and wanted to cheer me up).

And also morning Zubat. A morning Zubat is a type of pastry that I enjoy for breakfast and he is buying it for me from time to time, once-twice per week. I’m usually having Chia oatmeal or Fitness cereals or boiled eggs in the rest of the days.

Yeah.. So today we saw the miracle of life again. It’s measuring 35 mm and we could distinctively see the arms and the legs. And the heart pulsating. They did some blood works also.

I was very nervous, these 3 weeks passed way too slowly. I was consoling myself each time I was feeling nausea, that it should be a good sign. Also having absolutely no spots or bleeding was a good sign.

Last night I barely slept.

Several times, in the past days, I had the anxiety wanting to take over, what if things will not be ok this time either, but I didn’t allow it.

I am fully aware now of what I can control and what I cannot, so I was actively trying to occupy my mind with something nice, like preparing for a big trip and push out the anxiety. Two nights ago and three nights ago I had some very long and emotionally intense dreams.

It’s cool. I don’t have that many opportunities to interact with people and situations in my awaken life, so my brain is inventing them while asleep. I’m discovering so many things about me. Good things. A certain level of maturity that I didn’t know I was capable of having.

A particular thing about a dream two nights ago: I was in my dormitory, preparing to sleep and I couldn’t turn off the lights. The switch was blocked somehow.. I asked my mom from the other room and she said she doesn’t know what’s the problem with it. So I had to take a screwdriver and dismount it. And then it got unstuck and it worked.

I was looking on the window, it was snowing outside. So much snow!

Some other day, I had a false awakening and there was no electricity. I saw there wasn’t that little light on the tv and I tried the nightstand lamp also. And I said, fine, I can go back to sleep, no electricity means no wifi, equal no work. And then when I really woke up there was plenty electricity.

So that’s about it for now. Let’s continue thinking for the best.

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