14 weeks and counting

We saw today that she is sitting with the back on my belly, using the placenta as her pillow. Hmm.. That’s why I like to sleep on my belly, so the baby will not have to stay too much upside down. 😀

Ok, we don’t know yet for sure if it’s a she or a he, barely in December we will find out, at the 2nd Trimester ultrasound.

Leo made me study the names from the calendar, day by day, to make a list of names for girls and for boys. I picked only the international ones. 😀 Apparently he is not very much fond of the name I was calling the baby from when I got the first positive test… Because I dreamed about her, with that name.

She has fingers 🙂 they were so cute. And we saw also the eyes and the mouth.

Each time someone asks me, I say if it’s a boy I will raise him gender neutral. I mean, honestly, don’t you feel they are discriminated? They cannot do make-up, they cannot paint their nails, they cannot wear skirts (ok, except in Scotland). Besides, I want an excuse to play with dolls again. 🙂

Finally my nausea is gone, I can eat almost everything again without having food aversions. And I started taking these Femibion 2, from the first day of week 13, mostly because of their Vitamin D.

I had caught a cold about two weeks ago, I had two sessions of headaches of 2 days long each.. And obviously I couldn’t take any pills. I had problems with stuffed nose almost each night for the past month and that sea water spray is not helping much. I don’t know if these vitamins helped or that pot of home-made chicken noodle soup and the two sessions of polenta with butter. And the green tea with lemon and ginger.

Yeah, I just realized today, I haven’t had any coffee in one week, because I was having green tea for breakfast. One green tea per day, with the food, I think it’s still better than one coffee.

Funny thing today, after the check, I went to Tesco for a latte and some pastry for breakfast. I was having a craving for latte, because I left very fast this morning and I didn’t have time to eat anything.

Ok, I woke up too late. Bonnie’s barking woke me up at 6:25. And at 6:45 I was opening the gates for Leo to take out the car. And then we “froze” for 10 min in the street, in front of the cabinet, until they opened.

Yeah, back to Tesco. Everything was still closed, so I went to the vending machine. I put 30 crowns (price was 25) and it gave me my latte and the rest of… 30 crowns (different coins) 😀 I smiled and shove them back in the rest compartment, to make someone else smile also.

Then, in the taxi home, that I ordered myself and came very fast – I hadn’t even finished eating my whole-wheat butter croissant – right after I paid, with some tip, I saw a 50 crowns coin on the floor in front of my seat.

The ride usually costs 50 crowns. So this driver had this ride paid more than double. And it made my day!

I was so excited when I got home. Ok, maybe it was the latte.

3 thoughts on “14 weeks and counting

    1. Stefania Post author

      Thanks. Exactly 😀 I can start the trend, in 2019 definitely should be ok. 😀 I already ordered some pink jammies, if it turns out to be a boy I’m sure he will not mind ;)))

  1. gainile

    I can assure you 100% he won’t mind 🙂 And don’t pay attention to anyone who feels they should tell you what your kid should or should not do 😉


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