Your Greatness,

Jupiter is entering Sagittarius by the end of this week!

Yeey! I’ve been waiting for this for 12 years 😀 He is currently in my 1st House and he will be getting close to my natal Sun around the middle of April and then flirting around with my stellium, in his retrograde mode.

And the Sun just left the hibernation mode (my 12th House) and it’s spreading his shine into my 1st House also. Yeey!

I feel the mood to buy new stuff… Yesterday we went to browse for a new couch for downstairs. We came back with an XXL furniture catalog. I’m afraid we’ll order much more than just that couch.

I have my cart full on but I know I shouldn’t buy anything yet 😀 You know which kind of stuff I mean.. I have few hundred points in Amazon vouchers to spend, I don’t think they will last until Christmas. I mean, we first need to clean out the room that we want to convert in a nursery. Repaint it and stuff.

It had a set of plain white window drapes, canvas type material, and the first thing I saw when I put them in the washing machine was how I will be painting flowers, butterflies, colored shapes and the colored alphabet on them. And then I’ll put them back in the clean room. I’m so excited!

And it’s so hard not to click on “buy” on that full box on 😀

I admit I already ordered on a small box of newborn diapers, just to see how they look like. They are so tiny and cute. I’m not gonna buy more yet, because probably newborn size will remain small very soon, seeing that both me and Leo are big Zubats.

But the most exciting thing, as finance is my passion: I searched and searched online, until I learned how exactly the maternity benefit is calculated here. I’m positively surprised, after I ran their online calculator on also considering that maybe for 2019 the limit will increase a bit more, as each year before.

And I saw one article with a proposal for the government to increase the total parental allowance from 220k to 250k 😀 Maybe Jupiter in Sagittarius will make this reality for 2019.

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