I overcame my Ego

When you care about admitting and fixing a mistake you made, that nobody else spotted yet, when you care about a work well done, more than you care about what other people think about you, your consciousness won the battle over the ego.

That inflated ego of yours, that makes you think at all times that you are the best. How could you have made such a stupid mistake in the first place? How can you admit it? Everybody will see and will think how stupid you really are.

No. The right question is: how were you able NOW to discover the mistake that you haven’t before? What made you check also for the thousandth time? To walk the thousandth mile, just to make sure, yet one more time.

Guess what. After I admitted and corrected that one, I checked again and I discovered yet another one. Now I was crawling under the carpet of how ashamed and incapable I was feeling. I was already one whole level below being ashamed. So I had to ask for help and advice from the closest human. Ethics consultation. And it made me realize that a stronger person is one that admits a mistake instead of walking the thousandth mile trying to shove it under the carpet or blame anything else for it. Hormones, for example. Or Retrograde Mercury.

For a long time I used to believe that, if I submit something that I’m sure is correct, being also just a lousy blog post, and I discover a mistake after I read it one more time, after being published, it’s because somebody else read it and transmitted me the mistake thing through telepathy. 🙂

Now I don’t believe in that anymore. I believe only in me. I believe in the multiverse being that I am.

And with this opportunity I admit I have yet another problem. I have a too strong urge to be the first, because I usually have a too good impression about myself. My mind works in sparks and when something gets inside, it takes over. Even if life proved me several times that the first answer is not always the right one, because sometimes you are missing crucial data. And as correct as your computation is, the final answer is wrong, because it’s based on corrupted entry data.

Yes, I won more than I lost, with this impulsiveness, at least in school, because the teachers were recognising the first correct answer more than they were punishing it.

But sometimes in life, actually, the older you become, you learn that it matters more if your final answer is the correct one, even if you are the last one in providing it, as long as it still comes within the deadline.

I still didn’t understand how that angle was 10% but it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m only human after all, not a python.

I always admired your mind though, you absolutely caught my attention on that 12.5. I always wanted to be as bright as you. You don’t remember? That afternoon summer time, 1000 years ago, when she asked how much is 100 divided by 8 and you responded in a micro-second.

Update. Oh, but it matters! So much. oops 🙂 Challenge accepted.

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