A bit depressed

Yesterday I visited with Leo a shop dedicated for baby stuff, in Ostrava. Outside it was very close to 0 degrees.. We got a bit irritated when we missed the exit to the right street and we ended up back at the beginning of the highway, but we still arrived at the shop just 1 min later than the planned time.

We studied the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix and the FamilyFix base, we put it in, twisted it, bended it, turned it up down, shaken it etc.. And then we struggled to take it out from the isofix base, until some lady from the shop had to call another lady to do it. Now we know how to take it out from the base, it is very simple, but a bit tricky.

What made me a bit sad was the lightness of the shell. I mean, I knew it’s among the lightest ones, that’s why I chose it, so I can easily carry it myself, but I was expecting it to be a little more robust.

Plus, it was not fixing perfectly in the base, it was making noise at shaking it from left to right. In the end we noticed that all of them – also more expensive brands – had this room of movement. I liked one from Britax also, but that one was fixed on the base. The CabrioFix is compatible also with the Maxi-Cosi Adorra stroller, that, so far, I love. Probably until I will see it and test it in some shop and I will find it faults.

What surprised me was the price in the shop: 3450 kc the base and 2999 kc the shell, which makes them even cheaper than on Amazon. Which intrigued me and made me doubt the quality.

They said they didn’t have others in the store, new and packed, but we can order them and they can bring them with the same price. I somehow found it hard to believe, because even on their online shop the are more expensive. In the end we decided to wait… we still have over 20 weeks left for studying and buying, maybe something better comes on the market by then, on the same price.

And then I was browsing through the other stuff, I was looking at bassinets and solid wood beds, bath products etc. but Leo didn’t have that much patience, so I felt I had to rush also. The baby clothes were ridiculously expensive. I spent 800 kc for an organic cotton bra, mostly because it came with an extender… because all I have are not fitting me anymore in the back. Anyway, in exactly one hour we were back in the car.

Yeah.. so why I became depressed, maybe because I couldn’t buy anything for the baby. I kinda lost my enthusiasm. Reality set in, it’s not that much fun anymore. The priority for every product is to be effective and safe.. so we need to be very careful on everything that we are buying.

I have to make a long visit in a store, just by myself and study all the stuff in peace.

Also, I promised myself I will only buy clothes from Tesco and from H&M, because of their decent prices. Even in Marks & Spencer I found some very cute stuff and Leo seems to be much fond of their trousers and shirts. Ok, I will indulge in one or two (sets) from there also – like father like baby. 😀 But I liked a lot the baby clothes from H&M, white or soft colored, simple and practical.

And those zipper pajama overalls that I bought on Amazon.de in size 62, I want to buy a couple also in 56 and 50, they are lovely and honestly I don’t know why people say zippers scratch, on these ones it’s very soft. Besides, I hate those snap buttons that touch the skin, on the inside. I would definitely not like to have metal directly over my skin, no matter how small.

So yeah… I think I decided for co-sleeping, so we will buy a baby bed that attaches to our king size bed. Currently my Amazon.de cart has 951 euro of products, excluding the CabrioFix shell and the FamilyFix, that we are buying directly from that FunBaby shop.. if..  nothing else better shows up in the meanwhile.

Now, 3rd episode of this season of Outlander awaits me. Yeah.. now that I read the book, the show seems to have lost the power to excite me also..

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