To beige or to gray

So we bought a couch. Three weeks ago. Yesterday evening they delivered it home. I noticed the delivery van’s driver was a bit irritated.. Anyway, him and Leo slowly put down, in front of the garage, the two pieces of our couch and we waited for one of Leo’s friends to help us carry it inside the house. In the meanwhile we had dinner.

When they finally brought inside the first piece, we slowly opened it.. We noticed the color was not quite like the one we remembered buying, it was more gray than beige. I said.. I don’t know, maybe it’s the inside light, it gives gray reflexes…

On the invoice it was written beige.

So.. After wondering what went wrong, trying to get used with the idea that we will have a gray-ish couch – this colour was matching also with the rest of the room, mainly with the window’s drapes – it came to me the idea to bring home also the second piece, to make sure, at least, they are both of the same colour.

They had to remove the entry door, because it was not fitting in.

On this one, the label was in front, very visible. Couch Kirsten, beige. Funny thing is that, through the wrapping plastic you cannot really tell if it’s beige or gray. And then Leo searched for the label of the first piece. Barely found it, in some corner: Couch Kirsten, gray.


At least they could’ve delivered both pieces of the same colour. We called the driver, the seller.. nobody answered, it was a bit after 7 pm.

So we patiently waited until this morning, trying to make up funny scenarios of what could have happened. It crossed my mind that maybe they had in the same delivery 2 Kirsten couches, one gray and one beige. What were the chances of messing them up? It must be that this couch model was selling like fresh bread.  Or the driver was drunk.

Yeah.. So in the shop, this morning, the lady confirmed that this happened: they had two couches to deliver in the same time frame. They will call us Monday to see how we can get into the possession of our correct beige piece.

And I would really like to see the face of the other family, when they also noticed their mosaic couch. Apparently we were the first to complain, maybe the other ones haven’t even noticed. We wouldn’t like to have our piece dirty or scratched or full of bad emotions. We treated their gray piece very good: read it classical literature before bed, we said jokes to it, we drank tuica next to it. Ok, only Leo and his friend. I drank water.

So yeah.. What were the chances. Mercury retrograde, but still. Conjunct with my natal Uranus. But still. Now we have learned our lesson, not to receive anything ever again before checking the labels and making sure we were delivered the exact product we bought.

2 thoughts on “To beige or to gray

    1. Stefania Post author

      Yeeaaah! They came that next Monday, they wrapped back the gray piece and brought the beige piece. In 10 min they were done. We are now happy with the couch.

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