I cheated on my boyfriend

So, this weekend I had a trip to Prague, for a team-dinner with my work colleagues.

It was very fun, we went to a greek restaurant, we saw face-to-face our new girl from Argentina, so much fun speaking in Spanish with her. And the new Polish guy is also very sociable, he was telling me about his younger sister and how he remembers her as a baby.

When I left the restaurant around 10 PM, to head to my hotel, it was snowing!! So cool!! First snow for this year. Very romantic.

And then in the morning it was everything white, I was brave enough to walk from the hotel until the train station, where I met my Romanian friend, Ale, from the previous work-team. It’s weird, you know, we both live in this country for more than 6 years but we haven’t seen each other in more than 3. Honestly I’m not sure when was the last time we saw each other.

She bought me a set of tiny cute baby socks from Tchibo 🙂

And then we saw a fringe train with coal locomotive, temporarily parking at the train station. Must-ve been some historical event, because I cannot imagine that train circulating regularly, in 2018. It looked very 1800ish.

I mean, you have no idea how much smoke it created for a 5 min stop in the train station. I was holding a cup of decaf latte from Tchibo and when the train left I couldn’t drink from it anymore, because the top was full of coal ashes..

In the train I had business class, I found a nice price, thanks to booking the tickets in advance. And I shared the compartment with a mom with her 2 and 1/2 years old boy and a guy.

The guy was surprisingly attracted and smiling at the boy, even if he just had a huge tantrum, rolling over the floor on the corridor, not wanting to enter the compartment… crying like crazy. So I thought, wait a minute, a normal business class dude, working on his laptop, would be disturbed by such a creature, not get attracted and smiling to it. Mystery solved: he was married, I noticed the ring. Probably recent, since he was not looking more than 30 yo. And probably having his own tiny creatures already… or on the way.

And he took sparkling wine, apparently on business class you can choose between juice or wine. And then he wanted to share the wine with us, ladies, and that was when I excused myself, saying that I’m pregnant.

And that’s when it started. I had such a nice and long discussion with the mom, at first in Czech and then, when I mentioned I’m talking at home in English, we switched to English.

I guess I should travel more often on business class, higher chances of meeting people speaking English.

The guy left the train at some point, I think Olomouc, so we had another hour to discuss in peace. The boy was watching cartoons on a tablet and from time to time he was increasing the volume. The mommy got upset at first and then we noticed that he was just doing it because we were also talking loud and he couldn’t listen his stuff. I mean, what would you expect? Smart kid. We were disturbing him.

Yeah.. and I told her I already started buying clothes for baby, now being more convinced we are expecting a girl, after the doctor check from last week, when she confirmed the gender we were told after the first trimester detailed scan. And now I just discovered I already own 12 onesies, 8 pair of pants and 6 full pajamas, 4 with zipper and 2 with buttons, in various colors. But they are in several sizes, up to 6 months, so there is still room for more. I’m actually planning to purchase another F&F set from Tesco, plain white, size “up to 1 month”, I liked the material and that it has no snap buttons and labels at the neck, from the “up to 3 months” set from last week.

Yeah, and on Monday they will deliver my Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix nomad-sand color, baby car-seat. Can hardly wait! I bought it on a local czech site, found a very appealing Black Friday offer, 40% off, couldn’t resist it. Now it’s Leo’s job to purchase the IsoFix base. As for the carriage, I’m still for Adorra, from Amazon.de, same color as the car seat. But we can wait a bit more for buying this one.

So, as the Ostrava station was approaching, the mom and the toddler were dressing up and the boy sent me a kiss in the air. I was so moved, it made me cry out of emotion. And then he came close to me and wanted to kiss me good-bye and he kissed me on my lips! I tried to turn my head, to receive the kiss on the cheek, but it didn’t work, I could not escape his love 😀

So yeah.. I was lips kissed by a 2 and 1/2 years old. I had to wipe my lips after. It felt weird. Funny, right?

But the funny part starts barely now: I was having nightmares about it.. That I was afraid I will go to prison for having sexual relations with a minor. 😦 And how I was explaining to that boy in the dream that I love him and everything, but I am a grown-up and this is not appropriate…

It was cute and all, but I will definitely not teach my kids to kiss on the lips, especially strangers. There are many ways of showing affection, but I prefer to keep a limit, mostly for sanitary reasons. Yeah, just because I talked for 1 hour with his mom and I did hi5 once with him, it didn’t make us close family. Anyway…

So the mom gave me two apps, one for buying SH baby-clothes and one for searching and hiring baby-sitters and house-keeping when needed. I am so thankful.

And she also told me, if I want to bring my mom over, I must have a very serious discussion with her to trace down the expectations and the limits. Just like a job interview. Because, apparently, when the granmas will get into contact with the baby, something strange will happen in their brains and they will feel like they have the chance of raising their baby again and without even noticing she will slowly insinuate herself into the education of the baby, often times their methods and knowledge being obsolete.. which will result in conflicts..

Very good to know. 🙂 Such a nice mom, we didn’t even exchange our names, but I was lips kissed by her cute toddler.

4 thoughts on “I cheated on my boyfriend

  1. Dan

    Where are you from? it’s normal that small kids give hugs on lips, why it should be a problem? Your dreams aren’t normal, the time we are living in isn’t normal 😦 small kids are, don’t cripple them with your prejudice and fear …

    1. Stefania Post author

      Hi Dan, thank you for your comment… in my family and in my community nobody was kissing babies or toddlers on their lips, so I find it unusual. Plus, I didn’t have the chance to give my consent in this situation…
      It was cute, indeed, I saw many movies where parents do this with their kids, as something very normal, but I believe this is a very intimate gesture and, as I said, I would not encourage this behaviour in my kids, especially with strangers.
      Maybe some parents are more relaxed and don’t find anything weird in this, I have nothing against them, I’m just very conscious about certain bounderies, mostly for sanitary reasons. Also, as I stated, I was taken by surprise by this toddler, I don’t know why he liked me that much. 😀
      I’m pregnant, I’m more emotional and hormonal than usual and the dream was not literal, it only gave me the opportunity of a scenario in which to defend myself.

  2. gainile

    Pregnant dreams are “the best”, hahaha. My top 2 worst ones were that I have given birth to a litter of kittens and once when I was cleaning the house the mop turned around and bit me… 😛
    I always taught my kids that lips are reserved for the spouse, never strangers, not even family. But it takes time for that to sink in, they see mommy do it to daddy in an expression of supreme love and they try to do it as well. The little kid probably adored you 😉

    1. Stefania Post author

      Thank you 🙂 I have a large spectrum of dreams, I always had a very active dream life. Very often, when I meet someone new who impressed me, I dream about that person. Lately the majority are lucid dreams so I like to write down the special ones in which I’m just another character in the crowd, it makes me feel part of something bigger. I haven’t dreamed of giving birth yet, but I dreamed many times of talking with my own child… A lot of them.

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