Happy name day to me :D

I got to celebrate today with mami Zubat, tati Zubat and Dan Zubat. Yeey! And I had a tiny-tiny sip of sparkling wine and a slice of Medovnik.

And we broke a plate, today. And 2 jars of zacusca, one on Tue and one on Wed. In the end they will be a nice memory. Not the broken stuff, the fun that we had in between.

I’m coughing almost continuously for a straight week now. My voice is horror and even my tongue’s muscles are sore from this much coughing. My lips are also incredibly dry.

In the first 3 nights I woke up at 3 AM coughing and I barely got back to sleep after having a hot tea. The doctor from the 2nd trimester ultrasound told us it is ok to take Mucosolvan to break the cough, she saw me very pale when I was at the check.

I finished the bottle of syrup, but the cough didn’t go away. Instead, I started to have terrible stomach burns. So I started taking also Dicarbocalm, mom brough it to me from Romania, I don’t know how is called here.

Last night I woke up 5 times coughing hysterically. 5 times! Leo is desperate, as he cannot sleep either, when I’m coughing next to him. He even suggested I could sleep with mom and he will sleep down-stairs with Dan Zubat. But he is amazingly supporting, I hope he understands now why I was so obsessed for not catching a cold.

In the end it’s a nice training for when baby will have to be fed every 2 hours.

22 weeks and 3 days. And I already put on 11 kg. I’m honestly starting to get worried, is not that I was skinny when I started… I put 8 kg only in the past 8 weeks. Maybe I should stop taking the prenatal vitamins… Or maybe there is something wrong with me. I have the monthly check tomorrow, I will ask the doctor. When I told her last month that I put 3,5 kg in 4 weeks she laughed at me saying not to worry, because I will put much more. But this is crazy… I’m drinking at least 4l of water everyday because I feel always thirsty, but it seems half of it remains inside…

2 thoughts on “Happy name day to me :D

  1. gainile

    Happy name day!
    Just a quick one, don’t worry about how much weight you put on, mother nature is funny like that. I put on 31Kg with my first kid, 35Kg with my second. No gestational diabetes or other issues whatsoever. I was 40Kg when I got pregnant both times, so I actually almost doubled my weight. My knees were the ones suffering mostly though the whole thing, but it all goes away eventually 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      So you started with 40, I started with 79 😀 at 1.73.. I already have a squeeking knee from the long time I spent in the hospital 3 years ago after the accident..
      Also my “patched” pelvic bones might not support too much extra.. so I’m trying to eat as little salt and semi-processed foods as possible and eliminated fizzy drinks as they make me retain too much water.
      But Czech bread with butter (and jam or eidam) is my guilty pleasure at any time of day 😀
      Aa.. And I think this high dose of Magnesium has much more benefits for me personally than keeping my uterus relaxed.

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