23 weeks and counting

Thanks God they didn’t have to keep us in the hospital 🙂

It’s been a very active vacation. At least on the first few days, when I had to cook and clean a lot in the expectation of my family who spent Christmas with us. After I cleaned the fridge I developed muscle fever.. And I was tortured by coughing until around the end of the year..

On 28th I had my regular monthly check and the obgyn got a bit scared when she saw funneling on my cervix (opening from the inside). Everyone was convinced this happened because of the extreme couching, only the doctor was not… So she sent us for emergency additional checks at the hospital.

They did another inside and outside check, took blood, urine and sample from the cervix. All tests came back negative = no infection. They put me on absolute bed rest with maximum dose of Magnesium and some Progesterone for the evening…

On Monday 31st we had to go again for check – it looked +/- the same: cervix is half closed of 18mm and the next half funnelled. Same treatment. And they said to come back on Wednesday and if no improvement they will admit me in hospital for observation.

I was praying all morning for everything to be ok, the idea of hospital brings me additional stress (considering how much I spent there in 2016) and I think I will be much more relaxed at home. Leo was supportive, in the past 3 days I didn’t have to do anything except going to toilet and shower. And working, today. Such a blessing to be able to work from bed.

The cervix status didn’t improve, but it didn’t get worse either and adding that I have no pain, no contractions and no bleeding they said it’s ok to continue my absolute bed rest at home. Yeeeeeyyy. Will have to go back on Monday, when we will be 24 weeks, that they say is the critical milestone.

Hang in there, baby girl, at least until 32 weeks and as much as you can, after this, the longest, the better. 🙂 Outside is cold and ugly, wait until Spring to come out to more sunny days and bloomed trees.

Aa.. regarding the weight, it was indeed a lot of water – after 5 days of bed rest I lost 2 kg of water. So now we are on track with average of 0,5kg/week, starting week 13.

4 thoughts on “23 weeks and counting

    1. Stefania Post author

      Thank you. Everybody tells me to talk to her but it feels weird 😀 I’m asking her to move from time to time when I didn’t feel her for a couple of hours, but she is moving no doubt. She kicks all over the belly now and it’s starting to feel also a bit painful and she is just 500 grams 😀

  1. gainile

    I know it’s weird to “talk to your belly” in the beginning. But as she grows and you’ll feel her react to your voice, you’ll want to do it 🙂 The funniest thing I’ve ever seen before having kids is when we were on vacation at a cabin and one of my good friends was pregnant. I went to the washroom in the middle of the night and bumped into her, she was going to the washroom as well. But not walking normally, she was trying to tiptoe in a super funny way, I asked her why and she shushed me down saying “are you crazy, keep your voice down, you’re waking the baby up and he just fell asleep and stopped kicking me!!!” – I looked at her belly and realized there is actually a human being just like me and her in there… 😀

    1. Stefania Post author

      Yeah, that’s funny and true. Mine kicks a lot in the late evening and after the breakfast, but she is still very small. And I noticed she is more active when I’m talking with her daddy or when I’m watching movies. In the hospital I had the feeling she was sleeping almost all the time, but each time we had to navigate all the belly to find her heartbeat (she was checked every 6h).

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