Meanwhile, in medical leave

Yeah.. So in the end I still spent two nights in the Ostrava maternity hospital…

So I started to feel that everything is going to be ok, after 3 nights of proper cough-less sleep… unfortunately on Saturday I started coughing again.. On Sunday I was coughing my soul out. In the night from Sunday to Monday I couldn’t sleep at all and I had also fever 38.4 C and I couldn’t breath on my nose.. and I’m not designed to sleep with my mouth open.

So when I “woke” up in the morning knowing that I have to go for another check at the local hospital, I was 100% convinced that they will keep me, so I went with my bags prepared.

Outside it was -10 C. The car battery was dead.. So we had to wait for taxi… and also walk a bit, until the main street.

My cervix was holding now only on 7 mm. So they immediately requested ambulance and off I went to Ostrava maternity with diagnostic of imminent labor. And Leo couldn’t join me. I thought they were exaggerating, but I was feeling so sick and I knew that at least they will do their best to treat my cold properly.

When I got there I had to undress and wait on a cold consultation table… over all I spent about 1h and a bit, until they wrote all the papers and did all the checks, but my head was hurting like crazy and my fingers were literally eggplant color. And they were saying I don’t have fever… measured with an infrared touchless thermometer. Whatever..

The main doctor that did my check and the check of the baby was very nice and he was speaking English. He assured me that, even if I am just 24 weeks they are very competent and they will do their best. He was happy that the baby was looking fine and within all ranges and that she was with the head down… my 660 g baby.

I was expecting the first thing they will do, will be to give me corticosteroids shots and this is exactly what they did. I had 4 shots of dexamethasone each 12h.

They also did extensive blood and urine tests and they concluded “bacterial infection”. I don’t know which bacteria, it was not written on the papers, but I was given Amoxiclav intravenous every 8h plus some other medicines for coughing. And what most surprised me: I was having anemia – low red blood cells… So I was given also iron supplement, which freaked me out the next morning when I went to toilet. It took me few seconds to process why that color.

On Wednesday morning they called me again for cervix measurement, still 7 mm. So they concluded that I’m not anymore in imminent labor. The nurse took out my branula, after 10 more minutes she came also with the release papers and with the pills supply and instructions until the end of the week. And she said to dress up and pack, that in 30 min the ambulance will come and take me back home.

It was 9:45 at that time. I was waiting.. and waiting..

At 11:15 the lunch was being served and they gave me a portion also, even if I was officially released. The guy with the lunch cart was very nice. Main dish was baked salmon with mash-potatoes.. who would refuse it?

At around 14:30 the nurse came and told me I have to release the room… and that I should wait on the bench on the corridor for the ambulance… that nobody knew when it will come.

I felt abandoned. On the same bench, on Monday morning I gave a long releasing cry, when they passed by with a newborn baby girl. I hadn’t cried since that therapy session, in October… It felt good. Now they passed with another baby girl.

Yeah, so yesterday on the bench I was feeling abandoned. There was nobody to pick me up and bring me home. I was even considering to call taxi, but I understood that from one city to another they would charge me also the way back.. and with the traffic at that hour it could have got to 2000 crowns.

It was not a fortune, but considering the Czech medical leave is paid 0(zero) for the first 3 days I already had a hole in my budget… I mean, in the end is not about the money, is about the (mental) health and emotional comfort.

Luckily they came for me at 15 sharp. I was home at 16:10, just 2 min ahead of Leo. At least I didn’t have to arrive home to a freezing house and having to stress myself to head up, so it was a good timing in the end.

Btw, when I told the doctor that they took blood and urine for check in Frydek-Mistek hospital, on Dec 28th, they laughed. He said they don’t trust their results. Long story short, at the Ostrava tests I was having a bacterial infection, very recently acquired. My wild guess – on the sinuses. My nose and eyes were pouring for the whole Monday, Monday night and Tuesday. Barely towards Tuesday night it got stable, when I had already finished two rolls of toilet paper.

I’m currently still coughing, although much less, but now I’m fighting also with gastrointestinal reflux and bloating. 😦 Not that much fun to take antibiotics. I hope they manage to kill all the bad bacteria, but still leave me enough of the good ones.

So.. 24 weeks 2 days and still counting. Hang in there, baby girl. I’m sorry you had to be pumped with steroids already.

It’s very scary what is happening, I’m trying to stay calm, but last night I simply couldn’t fall asleep anymore after I had to wake up for my antibiotic at midnight. So many stressful things were passing through my mind. How can I do everything that I still have to do until the baby comes if I am bound to bed rest on indefinite period? I’m afraid even to go to Tesco. I’m afraid if I stand up for more than 10 min I will start to have contractions.

Is very scary, I am home alone all day, I cannot just stay in bed. The baby is pushing also, in all directions, I have quite weird sensations when she is pushing directly on my cervix.

Leo is home. Yeeyy! So.. a very small dinner (remember reflux), shower and back to bed.

Tomorrow I have another doctor check. Honestly, I think I saw the insides of my uterus 20 times already, in this pregnancy. I will tell her to not call me again sooner than two weeks.. enough is enough. The baby will come when the baby will come, no need to wait for her at the gate 24×7 with all the lights open. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in medical leave

  1. gainile

    Super scary!!! Hope things stabilize quick and there is no side effects from the antibiotics (I had to take them twice while pregnant with my daughter, I had no other choice and we were super lucky in the end, but it made for a very stressful first year of her life), lots of health to both of you!!! Hang in there!

    1. Stefania Post author

      I understood that there is very small risk of this type of antibiotic, at this age of pregnancy.. and it was mandatory.. As for the cervix nobody really knows why this funnelling is happening, everybody can just speculate. I’m not going to stay 100% day and night in bed, I think is important for baby’s growth also a bit of movement. And yeah.. only God knows. I finally realized that sometimes you can just keep calm and let things happen.

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