27 weeks and counting

We were at the check today. And my little miminko has a bit over 1 kg already. 🙂

Everything looks fine so far, we are back at home from Wednesday afternoon last week and I retook my full-time work activities. Intensive handover trainings for the colleagues that will take over my responsibilities.

The days are passing much faster at home and I can rest much better at night. In the first 3 nights home I slept 12h each night 😀

Now I won’t have to leave the house until Monday next week, when I will finally have the glucose test… Yeah… Long story.

So… Keep in there miminko. At least 3 more weeks, until I finish delivering all the trainings 😀

Sometimes she is kicking so much with both legs and arms that I feel I have an octopus growing in my belly. But no. She only has 2 arms and 2 legs. Quite long legs actually, measuring at 28 weeks by her femur length, so she will be a tall human… and slimmish like her daddy. So we might have to consider signing her for volleyball or basketball better than for gymnastics.

And something interesting.. or not.. with all this bed rest and after 2 weeks of hospital food, I now have the exact same amount of kg as on December 28th, when they started giving me this Magnesium and Progesterone. Considering the baby doubled in this time, I can say I even lost 0.5 kg… I wonder how much muscle I lost. 😦

1 thought on “27 weeks and counting

  1. gainile

    Waiting for the “28 weeks and counting” post, hope everything is great with you and the baby – keep us posted and great vibes coming your way!


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