28 weeks and counting :D

Writing this entry with dedication for my biggest fan, the only person offering positive comments to my blog lately 🙂

So.. Yesterday we had the glucose tolerance test. We survived it. It tasted like Fanta syrup, without sparks.

I mean, I was very close to fainting, right after they took out blood, “the after 60 min draw”.

They lifted my legs up, lowered my head, opened the window. They even asked me if I want to stop the test, because “we don’t have resuscitation tools” here. As pale as I was, I laughed when they said that. Don’t worry, is not my first time fainting and it will probably not be the last time either, I know there is life after fainting. But I was worried about this little octopus in my belly.

Anyway, I asked for a toilet break, they took me there by wheel chair, they were afraid I will fall down. I was afraid also, to be honest. And they gave me to have a sip of water. And then I was counting the minutes until the 2nd blood draw, “the after 120 min”. But I started feeling better. And when it was over, I took mom from the waiting room and we went down-stairs to eat. And then I called taxi and we went home.

I don’t have the result yet, but I’m thinking, if there was something out of the charts someone would have called me, right?

And today we sorted out all the white clothes for the baby and we put them to wash. And tomorrow we will iron them and pack them nicely in the bed. Yeah, my Next 2 Me baby bed came from Amazon yesterday! And the other stuff I ordered, from which, a pack of 10 colored yarn balls for crocheting. 😀

So, yeah, mom is here. Aside from cooking and tending to my small needs, to not have to go down too many times, she is also nice company. I mean it’s good to have someone to talk in my language whenever I want to.

Last night I dreamed I was flying! Such a lovely dream! In the past 3 weeks I had only bad dreams and I was barely sleeping 2-3h connected. I’m always waking up worried, hoping that my water is still intact.

Next check in hospital I will have on Friday, so yeah, still counting!

1 thought on “28 weeks and counting :D

  1. gainile

    Excellent! (thank you) Happy to hear everything is going according to plan and the little one cooperates. I hear you with the glucose test, I am hypoglycemic (at least was, in pregnancy) and they made me do it twice, I hated them for that 😉 And you made me laugh with the balls of yarn, I hope you’ll have plenty of time to use them, but don’t keep your hopes up, after the baby comes, LOL (just kidding!). Have lots of fun in the meantime! Keep us posted!


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