30 weeks!!

Yeah… I’m starting to feel the 3rd trimester: it has become quite a challenging task to shave my legs and to attend to my toe nails 😀

So, the glucose test was negative, which means I can eat as much chocolate cookies as I desire; the baby girl is still head down and still kicking me in my right ribs.. She is almost 1500 grams now. Yeey! At least 1500 more to come 😀

Did I dream about this day? Not really. I mean, I was hoping, but, since I was first admitted into hospital at barely 24 weeks, with diagnostic of imminent labor, and I was told that the baby will be put on my name, because I’m missing a paper in my file, I kinda had a shock.. I mean, from that moment on, I was taking each day as it passed… no dreams, no expectations.. Barely now I’m starting to feel naturally excited about the fact that I’m going to have a baby.

And “the paper”, I mean, I was planning to inquire about it and solve it once I started my maternity leave, travel to Prague in peace etc. Yeah. Dreams done before the 24th week. But will see, what God wants. I do what I can, considering. The most important is for the baby to be born healthy.

Lesson learned: when you relocate to a foreign country, even if still in the EU, add another thing on top of the required to-do list: get a sworn translation, in the local language, of your birth certificate. You never know in which circumstances you will need it. Especially when none of these 2 languages are common. Especially when you relocate again, to a smaller city, 5h away from the capital…

And, can you believe it? I have 6 more working days left until a 2 years “vacation” 😀 This year I even forgot to celebrate my 8 years work anniversary, at the current employer, on Feb 14th. But I can celebrate it now, because we had 1&1/2 h unplanned electricity outage today, so I need to “clean” the congelator of some pizza and some ice-cream. 😀

And a cute butterfly sweater, that I just finished, I’m thinking is suitable for up to 1 year old: 20190219_172029~2

2 thoughts on “30 weeks!!

  1. gainile

    It’s so funny how someone else’s baby can make you so happy, but you’ll get what I saying soon enough 🙂 In other words, I am celebrating the 30 weeks with you, happy the little baby girl is compliant and staying where she should be a little more! And yay for the coming “vacation” it will not be a real vacation, but a beautiful change nonetheless. When we relocated over the ocean, the first thing we did is translate and notarize every single piece of paper we had. And it turned out to be a very smart move, we needed all of them time and time again, so a little less headache 🙂
    Hang in there and keep us posted, hopefully you’ll have a few more quiet weeks before the grand arrival 🙂 Take good care!

    1. Stefania Post author

      I’m starting to become dependent on your comments. You are amazing!
      When I arrived in this country, 7&1/2 years ago, I was focused on surviving.. also taking each day at a time. I didn’t know everything that I have to do, nobody told me. :d Kinda like life, in general.. you learn how to live, as you live it.

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