31 weeks

So, we solved “The Paper”!!! Yeey! It costed us 1600 crowns for 1 sworn translation of my birth certificate, one hour of interpretation services and the parking at Ostrava Matrika.

Miminko is ok, kicking all over the place, I even felt kicks behind my right boob… I wonder how she got there. I’m having some lower back pains lately, I hope they are not contractions and I’m not aware.. Yeah, and I’m feeling kicks also in my… back area.

Tomorrow is my last day before 2 days vacation, before 28 weeks of Maternity Leave. I’m excited about the change. I mean, like everybody tells me “it was about time”.. I’m 35 already.

Yesterday evening I was checking flights to Bali. 2 weeks when baby girl will be 6-7 months old. Too optimist? 😀

Regarding shopping for baby girl, we still need stroller, small bath tub, diapers bag and countless diapers. I have them in basket on amazon.de and in DM online. Waiting few more weeks before ordering them, though.

4 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. gainile

    Yay for the paper and the little one kicking all over the place!!! The funniest think when I was pregnant was talking to someone and seeing their eyes pop out of their sockets, then realizing they can see the outline of a little foot sticking out of my tummy 🙂 I keep joking my kids have reorganized all my internal geography, so I am not surprised you feel kicks where you least expect them, hahaha! I think depending on how peaceful she is as a baby, you could go anywhere on vacation, actually it might be easier if she’s 6-7 months, you might still carry her everywhere if she’s stuck to you (like in a baby carrier), if you can and want to breastfeed then food is assured and so on. She can literally sleep anywhere (my kids slept in the trunk of the car on trips, on a blanket on the floor, in a suitcase, you name it, they had no issues. Stroller is good to have, if the baby likes it. Small bath tub – if I knew then what I know now, I would have bathed them in the sink, a lot easier and safer. Diapers? I would buy a few in the beginning, but leave the most shopping after she comes, when you get better in terms of size needed and brand (both my kids were allergic to a brand of diapers, but not the same one; also, I bought the smallest size, but they were both almost 4.5Kg, so they needed way bigger diapers than I thought). What’s a diaper bag? 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      Diapers so far I only have Pampers Premium Care, one small bag of size 1 (for maternity) and one big bag of size 2.. I was thinking to buy more of 2, but later on. For now I’m browsing the shops to see where they are cheaper.
      By “diaper bag” I mean a backpack for all baby stuff when I go out, I cannot take my eyes of this one: https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B07F36CVHM/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=A34B9H6NPWAX8U&psc=1
      I was thinking of washing her in the sink also 😀 and I probably will, if I have to wash just bottom area, when she is newborn, but the space of maneuver is quite small.. I think she would be happier in her own tub, just something very basic that I saw at Ikea.
      Breastfeeding is my main goal and then “auto-diversificare” = BLW.. I can’t stand the idea of keeping a baby in a high chair tied with safety belts while I’m feeding her by that huge plastic spoon puree made only for her. I wanna eat that puree also 😀 … But yeah, these are just ideas, will see how reality looks.

  2. gainile

    As long as you remember that each baby comes with their own agenda, you’re fine 🙂 My first kid preferred those purees and the spoon when I started introducing solids. My second wanted absolutely nothing to do with them, because of her I got to learn what BLW is, she was throwing spoons and purees at me but she was happily munching on a piece of apple or broccoli for hours… That’s an absolutely gorgeous diaper bag, I am drooling for it, hahaha (you can tell I love bags in all shapes and sizes), seems really practical and looks awesome. I had something similar (but a cheapo one from Walmart, I couldn’t make myself spend more on something I knew will have limited time use) and indeed I used it A LOT. I had to wash it a million times, it’s a bag that gets heavy usage and thrown on dirty floors and stuff, but it served me well. I asked what it is as I wasn’t sure it’s also called a diaper bag there, a lot of things have different names in Canada or North America than they do in Europe. One thing that I used a lot and I was very happy for the idea, most diaper bags come with their own changing pad, made of vinyl usually. I wasn’t happy after a while, because I had to keep cleaning the “accidents” and it wasn’t that easy. So I looked up disposable changing pads (we travel a lot, I thought disposable ones for the road will not harm the environment as much if I use them sparingly) and found super cute but expensive baby ones. Then I remembered my delivery days in the hospital and went to the pharmacy at the adult incontinence area and found the adult version of them (something like this https://www.amazon.ca/UltraBlok-Disposable-Incontinence-Underpads-Furniture/dp/B00OIOQQOS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=disposable+underpad&qid=1551292693&s=hi&sr=1-3-catcorr) for a fraction of the price and I have used them happily, they were great!

    1. Stefania Post author

      Yes, those blue sheets are exactly what I have also… inspired also from my hospital stay 3 years ago… But they are sold also in smaller package of 5 or 10 specially for nappy change. And I bought also a waterproof sheet for my bed.. thinking of using in later on in case my water breaks during the night.. If not, I will cut it in small pieces and use it as ad-hoc changing mats.

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