32 weeks

I just received a new pack from Amazon: mirror for baby car seat, one very cute Columbia fleece overall, more yarn balls for crocheting and few packs of WaterWipes. And the 2nd part of the order should come on Thursday, a baby diapers backpack and some hair&body Mustela baby washing gel.

On Saturday I had a visit in DM and Pepco, as planned, bought a very cute Disney set (pants, body, hat and hooded jacket), some DM brand diapers and 1 pink newborn pacifier – just in case. Indeed, the DM diapers don’t smell at all, compared to the Pampers Premium Care ones and they are also a bit cheaper. Will see which ones the baby likes more.

And yesterday we went to another baby shop in Ostrava and we bought a little baby tub with head support for newborn. 330 crowns in total. Basic, but cute, with bunnies. 😀 It even has a color coded sticker that tells you if the water is too hot or too cold. They didn’t have the Adorra stroller so I can study it live.. But they had so many other stuff… ridiculously expensive.

For example, that diapers disposal bin that I saw in the vlog of the australian couple, it was costing 780 czk (~30 eur) and then you had to buy also the refill plastic bags extra.. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself poor, but I believe buying this thing is a very un-wise gesture.. What’s wrong with simple small garbage plastic bags?! It’s 30 czk a roll of 100 bags (2-3 litres), I’m sure they will not let any odors escape if you tie them properly.

And some automatic swing – 4000 czk.. Or play mat 2000 czk.. She can also sleep on the couch, between pillows, during the day, while Bonnie is watching her :D. And then, tummy time play on the washable changing mat, directly on the carpet. 😀 Besides, I saw a lot of vlogs of mommies feeling sorry that they bought them in advance and then the babies hated them.

And sleeping bags – probably dedicated for those babies sleeping outside in Siberia – extremely fluffy and with hard zippers.. 1500 czk one. I need one of 1 tog, Ikea had a very nice one, but currently not on stock anymore, in my area.

And then, one set of baby tub with legs and head support, was 2000 czk… because the tub had scale and digital thermometer incorporated. Honestly, I would be afraid to put the baby in water in a device that uses batteries.. but yeah.. consumerism.

Just few examples.. I mean, I do want the best for my kid, that’s why I prefer to save this money for music, dance and language lessons, than literally throw them in the garbage, after she starts kindergarten and outgrows them.

Among other things.. I’m fighting with some gastric reflux again, for the past 3 days. And still I would eat all the time.. I put 3 kg in the past 3 weeks 😀 14 in total, so far.. I need to do some meditation, I had some stressful weeks… Only that “paper operation” I think it grew me 10 more gray hairs.

I talked with the doctor yesterday at the regular check, she said if I were to deliver, like, now, as baby is 1.8 – 1.9 kg, there should be no issues for a natural birth.. But if I will manage until term, for a 3.5 – 4 kg baby, we can definitely discuss also the option of c-section. So I’m kinda praying for full term now.. I mean, I don’t know, whatever/whenever the baby wants. I will love her no matter what and even if.

For the time being I have prepared her corner in our room (until her room will be ready), a 3 drawers komoda with all her stuff, separated by those Ikea boxes, top drawer: newborn onesies, pajamas, newborn diapers and wipes, 2nd drawer: hooded towels, wash clothes, some burping and plain swaddle blankets and more diapers (I’m kinda starting to feel sorry that I bought that very expensive Miracle Blanket, currently in the maternity bag, but will see), 3rd drawer: bodies, footed pants and jamies on bigger sizes, outdoors clothes and more diapers and wipes.

And next to the window we will have a changing mat and another changing mat will be in the bathroom, next to her baby tub.. And probably will have another changing corner on the couch down-stairs. The co-sleeping bed is still unpacked, Leo doesn’t want to open and install it yet, says it’s too early. I think he is right, but I’m too curious.

So this week I plan to slowly wash and iron also the other clothes (up to 6 and 9 months – not that many left, max 15 items, in total), the rest of the blankets, wash clothes and the baby wrap sling, just to have them all ready, in the same place.

So yeah.. We survived 8 more weeks since the steroid shots. They said if labor starts until 35 weeks they might consider another dose, then, later than 35 weeks will not be needed anymore.

3 thoughts on “32 weeks

  1. gainile

    I’m with you on the baby stuff buying plan 🙂 Before my first one came, I made a full list of “nice to have”, based on a lot of research. Then I cut half the list, based on “do I really need that or I just like it because it’s cute?!” Happy to report I used all of it (I had to buy a few extra things, after the baby came, when I realized they would be very useful) I tried to find my old list but no luck so far, I was curious for a comparison 🙂 Never owned a diaper disposal bin, I didn’t see the need for one. Yes, diapers will smell like they come straight from the underworld, but I used the “bag in a bag” method, lol, the smell never escaped from two plastic bags one inside the other 🙂
    I loved the sleeping bags, I used Grobag until both kids were close to 6 years old, I would use a 1 tog for the summer and 2.5 for winter, they were perfectly fine (one sleeping bag would last multiple years and multiple kids, I made sure to buy everything in colours and patterns that would not scream one gender or the other, I was very happy later for this). And very portable, anywhere the babies slept, it felt like home for them, as they had their sleeping bag.
    Take it easy, one step at the time, I am still very happy the little one is so compliant and cooperates with you! Keep us posted! 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      I forgot to add in the blog post, during the weekend I cleaned my dresser.. I packed two bags that were taken to charity and one for garbage, I had so many clothes that I didn’t wear for more than 2-3 years… and they didn’t spark joy anymore. Now I feel so much lighter. 😀 This is how I managed to make room for baby stuff in the komoda 🙂
      We are not planning to have another baby, so that’s why I don’t want to buy too many stuff. Will see if we will receive stuff also from my family. I was browsing youtube videos of “baby shower haul” OMG how much stuff! I have never been to a baby shower and not planning to have one, I think this “fashion” can eat so much money… It’s crazy..some girl received 20 huge diaper packs..

  2. gainile

    I didn’t have a baby shower, but after I had my kids, I have organized 4 of them, for friends who were having babies, just to help with the cost. But what I have done is asked my pregnant friends to create a baby registry online with all the things they would love to have for the baby, then me and all the other friends put money together and bought what we could from that registry. That way we didn’t buy the same item twice and we made sure it’s something the future mom wishes to have. But this only works if there is already an established community of friends around the future mom, it’s a lot harder if you are in a foreign country with very few friends.


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