The last March 8

That I will be spending alone. 😀 Next year we will be two women in the house.

I am getting more and more curious to know that little creature that lives inside me. And more and more curious to see when she will be born.

Yesterday I received also the diapers backpack from Amazon. It’s awesome! So many pockets and so much space. And I managed to iron more than half of her remaining onesies and swadles. It felt so cute. I wonder if I will have the time and mood to iron them like this after every wash and fold them in those tiny IKEA organising boxes.

Jupiter is now transiting conjunct my natal Jupiter and he will touch also my Sun and my Neptune in the following months. Last time this happened in 2007.. it was a great year, until about the end, when Pluto transit f***d it up and everything started to feel like I’m being sucked into a black hole..

But this year is just Jupiter alone! Pluto and Saturn are peacefully transiting the 3rd House. I say peacefully, because I don’t have any natal planets there and it will take a while until they will start to square all my planets from 1st and 2nd House.

Regarding Pluto, I think the fact that this planet manages to touch only 6 Houses during your whole lifetime it can give you a pretty good idea about your destiny. In my case, it will move only from the 12th House until the end of 5th House (counting a max lifespan of 100 years).

Which means my transformation in this life it’s oriented more inwards than outwards. I’m not here to improve the world, I’m here to improve myself. And for the next almost 20 years I should focus in the areas ruled by the 3rd House.

So yeah.. So many birds are chirping outside and it’s sunny and warmish, but very bad wind.. Finally finished crocheting that baby dress that I started more than 2 weeks ago:20190308_094205~2


2 thoughts on “The last March 8

  1. gainile

    Your daughter will have the most beautiful collection of little crocheted dresses and hats that I’ve ever seen, they’re adorable!!! Enjoy the birds chirping and the weather, we have -25C here, as much as I love the winter and the snow, I am ready for warmer weather… The planets theory is fascinating, I am always trying to understand the outside influences in our lives/thoughts, it didn’t occur to me that all the planets around might play a role but it would make perfect sense… if only I could read it for myself as clear as you seem to 🙂
    Happy March 8th!!! 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      Barely now I saw this comment, sorry..
      Honestly, I cannot say for sure that the planets play a role or not, but I want to believe it, for my own sanity, I like to believe that there is more than our eyes can see, as a way to explain to myself why sometimes life events correlate with astral events.
      Thank you so much for all your comments!

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