Next Sunday, 10 AM

I dreamed about something.. I was given this date, the place was “100 m from Metro on Liberty or Liberation Street”.. or something.

My crochet hook fell under the bed.. 😦 Now I have to bend down to get it.. Simple task, but not when you are in your 3rd Trimester. I hate gravity 😀 I’m crocheting 3 things in parallel, I get tired easily of using the same color and same pattern, so this way it feels it’s something new each time.

Anyway, I’ve been quite exhausted mentally and emotionally by yesterday evening.. And I don’t have any reason, right? I mean, I’m not doing anything all day except crocheting, watching Netflix, preparing food and eating… but I always have this feeling that someone is rushing me, I cannot just “relax”.

I dreamed all night.. First dream, that I remember, I was with some other woman and we were in someone’s apartment and that person was not at home.

I don’t know how we got there, but we were afraid we will be sent to jail once the person comes home. Then, one neighbor heard something and she came to check, she was knocking at the door. We silently locked the entry door from the inside, it stood like that for a while, but then the owner came also. And I had to invent an excuse of what we are doing there.. I said we are psychology students and we needed to make an experiment.. I don’t know if they believed us or not but we managed to get out in the end.

The other dream… Is more personal. It’s funny, I asked at the end “So when we will see each other again?” and I was not expecting any answer, I was very surprised when I received it. It was even Neděle, not Sunday or Duminica. I wanted to type it down in my phone, but, when I took it out, my phone was one of those old grey Nokia with numbers, where you had to press on a number several times to get the letter you needed. And then I said “wait, let me do this the old way”, so I took out from my bag a notebook and a pen and I started writing down.

I was feeling a bit sorry for setting wrong expectations, because I knew I will not be able to make it, because I was living in Czech Republic and I also had a daughter at home, but I don’t think the other person knew this, so…

Besides, I don’t know on which date to place the action of the dream, I knew it was Saturday, though, and it was not related to “tomorrow”, as in, “this Sunday”, but to “next Sunday”. Because, if we were in the present time.. -ish, I might say March 24th… So yeah. Let’s see what happens then. 🙂

I have to let Bonnie back in, it’s kinda coldish outside, 5°C, and he’s been for almost 1 hour now.

2 thoughts on “Next Sunday, 10 AM

  1. gainile

    March 24th would put you at almost 35 weeks, right? That sounds a whole lot better than the 23 weeks we (you) started with 😉 My mother in law is born on March 27 and she’s a phenomenal woman, so the end of March might be a good day to have a kid born, just saying 😉
    I love my dreams, they’re always completely messed up, my brain absorbs everything during the day(s) and mashes up everything and spits it back at me all wonky and crazy backwards at night… especially when I was pregnant, I had the weirdest dreams ever, hahaha. But I love it, I am sometimes able to tell where some dreams are coming from, but most times I am just perplexed when I wake up 😀
    And by the end of both pregnancies (even though one was in winter and one in summer, I started living in Crocs completely, so I didn’t have to try to bend down to put shoes on or do laces or anything, so I know picking up stuff from the floor (or worse, from under the bed) might seem like the olympics right now, hahaha… Hang in there!!! A few more weeks to get your body back 🙂 with an added bonus 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      You are always amazing with your comments, you have no idea how good you make me feel!
      Yeah, I was thinking that maybe it can be interpreted as a divine inspiration for the birth day, but that would be too awesome to be true. Besides, I am focused on delivering on days that make 22, like 25.03.2019 or 06.04.2019 😀 and I want her Aries, in my 5th House. Yeah, I’m a freak :))

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