2 more weeks

.. until term. Ok, early term: 37+0 until 38+6. And if we survive also this and we get to 39 weeks, I would call it a miracle.

I’ve started to put on kg like crazy :(( I hate this metabolism. I’m now 17 kg more than when I started, 5 kg in the past 5 weeks. 😦 Yeah, apparently I’ve been eating a lot of sweets. And fats. So I will try to control this from now on. No more Nutella, no more Belgian waffles, no more jam.

No more grilled cheese.. no more cordon bleu… and also less butter and avocado. Less pasta.. Ok – let’s finish the jar of sour cherry jam first. I think the problem is that I’m staying too much in bed, but not much I can do for now…

So yeah.. We are now in Aries and few more days for Mercury to turn back direct. Nothing happened on Sunday.. Except that, on Saturday, I discovered the 2nd season of “The OA” on Netflix and I devoured it, by Sunday evening it was done. Now I miss Nina… and dr Roberts.

I think we finally agreed on the name of the baby. I mean, Leo agreed with the name that I was calling her, since the first positive test. 😀 I would like her to have 2 names, though, first and middle, but he doesn’t want this… and he has offered me no reasonable explanation. I mean, everybody has also middle name these days, we are too many on this planet, we have to differentiate somehow. I already found ~10 Facebook profiles with this combination of first name and last name.. Yeah.. Will see.. what will (also) be compatible with the day she will be born.

Another topic that is stressing me, right now, is whether to baptize her Orthodox (like me) or Catholic (like him). The thing is that none of us are really practicing.  He is lacto-vegetarian and practicing Yoga. More, I don’t know, but since we are together, he’s never been to any Catholic sermon. Czech people are very seldom religious.

Me, I’m barely keeping the big holidays.. Last time I kept a fasting period, I remember of only 1 week, was before my trip to Mexico, in 2017, because I was flying across the Atlantic, for the first time, right on the Easter night, so I wanted to feel prepared somehow. My last Sunday in the Orthodox Church.. I remember it was in Prague, in 2013. And I honestly can’t even remember when I had my last confession. 😦

But I’ve had about 10 sessions of therapy last year, so I think I confessed more than enough. 😀 I’m very sorry to say this, but I never really liked orthodox churches (compared to catholic ones) – excessively crowded, too many candles, no air, no light and a way too long sermon, very hard to follow, while sitting head down on your knees. I was never able to understand this. And no matter what your confession was, you were never good enough.

And the way I was pushed by mom to keep fasting, in my childhood and teenage years, it left me a sour taste in my mouth. Almost every Easter and Christmas day, when we had to go to Church it was left with screaming. And I always remember being very cold. I never remember it as going for pleasure. You know what, I remember I was slapped even when my brother was baptized. 😐 That’s why I have that picture, at 6 years old, sitting so peacefully on the bench in the Church.

If you follow a certain religion it should be because you believe in it and it makes you feel good, not because someone is pushing you.. or because “what would other people say”. So yeah.. that’s why I’m sure I don’t want to force my child to follow the practice of any religion. Besides, I do have 2 Godchildren (mom and I, baptized them), but destiny made it that I haven’t seen them in more than 5 years.

Have to close it here, Bonnie is jumping on the entrance door, he wants back inside.

5 thoughts on “2 more weeks

  1. gainile

    I don’t have a middle name. No one in my whole family (and also the extended one, my husband’s) has a middle name. I keep joking we are all unique enough for people to be able to tell us apart from others, hahaha. To me, name defines how a person sees themselves and behaves sometimes, why should I confuse a child to think if he feels and acts more like a David or more like a John?! 😀 (anyway, that’s just my opinion). We are in the same boat with religion, we were both Orthodox (not very practicing, we’ve been in the church when we got married basically and sometimes at Easter, for the social aspect of it), I only believe in “be good to yourself and others, the rest is just details”, but we have baptized the kids Catholic simply for practical reasons, the Catholic schools here are much better, so I wanted them to have that access open, in case they need it (they did need it, they are in a fantastic school and I am super happy. In the meantime, because of school regulations, I have also become Catholic, it makes no difference to me anyway and they are very similar religions here in a country where everyone comes with wildly different backgrounds and beliefs and they can live peacefully for the most part). The reason I told you that is to think what makes more sense for the kid, simply for practical reasons, she can decide later what and how she believes in 🙂
    Yay for deciding on the name and yay for the baby still inside, those are great news, I am very happy! And don’t worry about the kilos, your body seems to have a mind of its own, especially in the last few weeks 🙂 Everything will settle down eventually!
    Keep us posted, take good care!

    1. Stefania Post author

      Actually, my parents and the baby’s dad have no middle name either.. But almost everyone else I know, in my generation, has also middle name. Usually, the 2nd one is a Saint name, mostly for baptise, if your first name is not “approved” by the church.
      Funny, in my case, everyone in my family called me by my middle name since birth and I also feel more Stefania than Roxana. Although, all teachers were calling me Roxana… as per the first name. Then, in secondary school, the person who wrote the class catalogue reversed my names, have no idea why… so all teachers started calling me Stefania. 😀
      Anyway… for practical reasons it would be easier to baptize her here, Catholic… We would have to fly to Romania otherwise, not much fun with a few months old baby, even if it will be during the summer. On the other hand, my parents (and my grandma) probably expect a traditional baptize party for their grand-(grand) daughter, especially since we didn’t give them the chance for a wedding party (I hate the wedding “circus” and so far Leo and I are aligned, still not decided if we will get married, although we live together for a bit over 5 years already). Thank you very much for your comment, I’m waiting for the weeks to pass mostly to receive a comment from you :)) I hope we will keep in touch also after the baby is born.

  2. gainile

    You (and Leo) should do what makes you happy, it’s nobody else’s business if you guys get married or not or if you have a grand party for your daughter’s baptism or not, you’re living your life, no one else is. I hear what you are saying with the wedding circus, we got married almost 20 years ago, it initially started as a family affair, but when we realized everyone has an opinion but us, we drew the line and told them they either play by our rules or nothing at all. It worked out nice, our wedding ended up being one huge party with mostly friends, who are still talking about it to this day. And the family eventually got used to the idea 😉
    And definitely we’ll continue keeping in touch, I like reading what you write, it’s refreshing to find a normal person in this whole virtual ocean of madness 🙂

  3. gainile

    To me you are. Of course, I don’t remember if anyone called me normal either, lol. But your thinking and your priorities are where they should be, and it’s nice to see how you take advantage of what life throws at you, instead of fighting against it. To me, that’s normal 😉


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