Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

So.. We made it to term!! 🙂 37 weeks today! She is very restless today, moving almost continuously since 5 AM.

Yesterday at the check she was estimated at 2750 g and my cervix was 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated, which is normal for this stage. Thank you, for all your Prayers! 🙂

We stopped the progesterone and the magnesium.. And… I can hardly wait to meet her.

Tomorrow, after 7 PM my time, Jupiter will go Retrograde in Sagittarius. We survived Mercury Retrograde, so now I will have to document myself about Jupiter Retrograde in natal chart, to start knowing my baby. (I find it improbable to deliver by tomorrow 7 PM, as I have no signs of labor yet.)

From now on I will not write about the progress anymore, because I want to keep a minimum of privacy regarding her birth-date and hour. I will write, maybe, something about the birth, in case there will be something exceptional to write, although, I’m trying not to think about it and keep Zen for as long as possible.

In case you are curious, I found an interesting article about Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

Why I’m stressing so much about it.. Well, because I am a Sagittarius and my natal Sun is conjunct with Jupiter, which makes it even more Sagittarius, also, right now, the transiting Jupiter is conjunct to them, in my 2nd House, which makes it quite a big deal for me. 🙂 (Please, pardon my narcissism)

So yeah.. Btw, my family is kinda stressing me to start offering my crocheted things online, to be bought. As much as I like the idea of people wanting to buy them, I hate the idea of doing them for money. Just like I do astrology readings when someone asks me… there are some things in life that cannot be measured in money. I have an official job for money, for my hobbies I want to be paid in positive energy 🙂

I mean, I’m not saying that my crocheting skills are out of this world (that would be really hilarious), I’m saying that I started doing them just to make time pass easier while I’m in bed rest, not for the purpose of having the crocheted object itself.

And slowly I learned more and more complex patterns, only by watching YouTube videos. And I might have inherited some talent: my grandma and my aunt are very skilled at this, you should have seen them how they were making summer shoes and sandals, when I was a child and spending my summers there. They were awesome!

And my grandpa was putting the bottom to them. My grandpa was very skillful, by life, not by choice: he had a handicap in one knee after one accident in the mine (at least this is what I was told) and, for all I remember him, he was dependent on a walking stick and couldn’t bend that knee properly, so he had to find a way of making a living for his family, from home: he became a Shoemaker. He was making awesome Scarpeti, for the whole village 🙂 He had so many awesome tools… we were driving him crazy when we were playing with them and forgetting them in the garden.

He died 18 years ago, about this time of year… I was in 11th grade… the first and only person I ever saw dead. I’m still having nightmares about it sometimes, as I was the one that answered the phone in that early Saturday morning when we were called and I passed the news to my family… I can still remember the voice from the other side of the land-line. I hope my grandma will stay strong enough to meet my daughter, as I also met my great-grandma and I remember her quite well.

So… crocheting for money.. (it would definitely be just a hobby outside of my real job)… I don’t know, maybe if I could do them outside, from the swing in the garden (that we haven’t bought yet), while I’m watching my child play with Bonnie (or his future offspring). Anyway, I would prefer to spend my time to teach how to do them than doing them for someone else. 🙂 And I hope more people believe in crocheting than the ones that believe in astrology.

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