In my 6th House

Yesterday I discovered I already got my first payment for the maternity allowance, for the days from March. I celebrated it. For about 1h, in my mind.

And I was also very happy to find out that, by their final calculation, it resulted with 18 crowns per day more than by my last calculation. Which makes it, in total for the 196 days, an extra of ~3500 crowns 🙂 I tried to guess their way of calculation (is not that easy to calculate it, but at least they have the excel form online) and I think they included also the meal-vouchers and the Flexi-points benefit in the total brutto, for the respective period. I didn’t know that, I thought they go by what it says on the payslip as total brutto.

My mom and my Leo asked me (intrigued) why am I doing these calculations in advance, is there a way that I can change the outcome? No. So why do it?

Well… Because I love to calculate money and I want to be very well-informed. Because I am on foreign territory. Because I want to be prepared in case something goes wrong, to have all my data clear, in case I have to argue something. I’m sorry but I definitely hate the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Or “believe and don’t investigate”. Or “expect to be surprised”. In this case I was positively surprised, but it could’ve been the other way also. It’s not about the volume really, is about the accuracy. I was burned few times in my life and I prefer to be prepared.

Besides, I never expected that I will have to spend 17 days in medical leave in January, which had a negative impact on my total income, much higher than this extra 3500, especially because the first 3 days of medical leave here are paid 0(zero). So yeah. I have the right to be happy. 🙂

Now, regarding the title, as the Sun entered now in transit in my 6th House, looks like her Sun will  fall in my 6th House after all, as it was the original estimated term of delivery. I was flirting a while with the idea of having her Sun in my 5th House, but I guess 6th House is not that bad 😀 It’s just focused on different things. Hoping her Sun will have positive aspects from the rest of her planets, depending on the day she will get out.

And I’m also hoping she will come as Aries, although, her health (as full-term baby) and her decision (destiny) count more than my hope. Just because I find it easier to manage a Aries girl doesn’t mean I will not want the challenge of a Taurus girl. I am willing to handle everything I will stumble upon. They are both great, just “a bit” different.

And what exactly would mean for me that her Sun falls in my 6th House… Yeah, this is what I’m reading about now. 🙂

And I have to mention something, as I cannot take it out of my mind. Last Sunday we decided to give a chance again to that new Indian restaurant in our city. Last time I had chicken with cashew and curry sauce and I found it too sweet, especially because I had also Kofola. And it also seemed a bit too expensive. This time I ordered chicken in tomato and butter sauce, with garlic naan (something like pita bread) and plain water.

Believe me, the combination of the taste was orgasmic. And we paid 500 crowns, including 10% tip, while Leo had also soup, which is pretty much the same as we would pay at Tom’s, besides, they have a much larger variety of vegetarian food, for Leo. I left so happy, that I decided this Sunday we will go again and I will invite also my family when they come over. 🙂 I hope the baby will like the breast-milk produced from Indian food (not spicy).

Regarding breast-milk.. Or.. You know what, leave it for now. Next time 🙂

3 thoughts on “In my 6th House

  1. gainile

    I am still here and still reading, just didn’t have time to leave comments, sorry. I am happy to note your tone has changed tremendously, now it sounds more than optimistic, I guess that’s what happens after you pass week 37, LOL. I am happy the little one is doing great and you seem to be in a much better place too, I also believe Aries is easier to manage than Taurus (just from personal observation), you’ll have to tell me more about the 6th house though, I have no idea how that influences everything. And no worries about breastmilk, the baby will most likely like the foods you eat through your milk, with my first kid I barely ate anything because my mom told me not to eat this and that because it does this and that to the milk, that was completely dumb, when the kid started eating regular food, he would only eat chicken and mashed potatoes, because that’s what I basically ate while nursing him, those were the only tastes he was used to – it took me years and years to get him to eat more things (now he’s great and very curious about diverse food, but he’s 12 and it was a long work in progress). Whereas with my daughter I ate literally everything, no matter how spicy or strange and she was completely open to all the tastes when she started eating solids, she was not surprised of anything I gave her to try…

    1. Stefania Post author

      Thank you, I missed you 🙂 I even told my Leo last night that I’m worried I lost my only reader (also Romanian, all the way from Canada) 😀

      I am more optimistic indeed, although I’m starting to get too impatient. And I can feel the Magnesium deprivation, I am yawning like crazy each evening.

      Otherwise.. I just self-checked my cervix, still 1 cm dilated :)) Now I’m not even afraid anymore of giving birth 😀 And Leo is trying to push on me the idea of not having epidural… and I’m suggesting him to mind his own perineum instead 😀

      Yeah, regarding breastfeeding I was also told a lot of things of “not to eat”.. but I will eat everything as I’m eating now, until I see a proper reason to stop.
      I hope I will have enough milk, I know baby’s stomach is just 5 ml in the first day, but still… I mean, I’m not obsessed either, I’m fine if she will have to take 1-2 ounces of formula in the first days, I will have enough time to breastfeed her after. When I was in hospital in January, the ladies I was sharing the room with, were pumping like crazy, with an electrical pump provided by the hospital, every 3h, day and night (they had babies in the NICU), and we had a designated fridge on the floor, for the capsules with the “produce”, which makes me think they are strongly encouraging breastmilk in this maternity.

      You have no idea how grateful I am I got to term.. whenever I come across some youtube story of preemie I start crying instantly… that baby could’ve been mine.

      When everything will be done and I will have my girl home with me (after I will pay a Big Thank You visit to my regular ob-gyn, for having the inspiration of checking my cervix at 22 weeks and discovering the potential problem), I am thinking on making a serious donation for the NICU. I am shocked to hear stories of babies (born in Romania), at 29-32 weeks that didn’t survive because they didn’t have the proper health care units.

  2. gainile

    For me breastfeeding was not as easy as I thought, with the first kid. I used one of those “industrial” pumps in the hospital and then I bought an electric one for home, I used it for about 9 months, the kid did not have the patience to feed. The second kid however, was a dream (I was a lot calmer too, maybe that helped), she also had a lot more patience. Unless there is a medical issue, the quantity of milk should be exactly what the baby needs, the more she drinks the more you’ll make (our bodies are a lovely work of art & technology this way). I have also done the NICU donation, my older kid spent 5 days there and those nurses there were phenomenal, they were like my own private set of mothers, so I thought it’s only fair to repay them a little. I’ve heard shocking stories of birth from Romania, that’s one of the reasons I am so happy to be here. The “youngest” kid I know was born here at 24 weeks, he does have some health issues but nothing major and I was able to witness the full extent of the healthcare system via what he went through. My other example is one of my best friends who had IUGR (restricted growth), her daughter was born premature and weighting 700g, she fit into her dad’s palm at birth (they even have a picture like that) – they had to buy doll clothes for her in the first few months because the preemie clothes were way too big. She’s now 12 (turned 3 days ago) and taller than my son (she’s a month younger) and with 0 health issues and she’s an extremely smart and lovely girl. Looking at these kids I realize the impact of a great healthcare system and people who actually care about you.


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