Taurus girl?!

So.. tomorrow at 11 AM, my time zone, the Sun will enter Taurus. Considering I only had 2 contractions today, very slim chances she will come until then. Wait, I’m having the 3rd now. Gotta stand up and walk a bit, it helps a lot with the pain, by using gravity in my favor. 😀

Last night I had a very bad nightmare. I first must say that I discovered a new series on Netflix: Touch. It kept me entertained for the past 3 days, totally my type. Yesterday I didn’t even “touch” the crochet hook.

So, about the nightmare. I was in the house, MY mind’s house, most probably, where I usually find myself in my dreams, with many rooms that I know. But this time I discovered a room that was not there before.

It was more like a junk storage room, all sort of old useless tools. I looked around and in the end I left. The door was very big with several locks on it, that I carefully closed, because I had the intuition that something very bad lives in that room. Maybe some very dark part of me.

There was a girl in my dream, in her late teens. She showed me something that I instantly recognized as being taken from that room. Very worried, I asked her if she was there and if she locked the room back properly. She hadn’t.

And then the monster got out. There was a headless woman’s body, that I was struggling so hard to kill. In the end I was smashing her against a mirror, the mirror was cracking and breaking into small pieces but somehow “she” was immune to my force. I killed a lot of monsters in my dreams. Some were harder, some were easier to kill. But this one I couldn’t, so I woke up all sweated and irritated. I desperately need to find that room and clean it.

I know, there was full-moon in my 12th House last night. Maybe that’s why.

1 thought on “Taurus girl?!

  1. gainile

    Taurus girl sounds exciting, a lot of willpower there but also a lot of loyalty. So, not a bad deal overall 🙂 And I bet that nightmare is about some stuff you have not finished or you are simply thinking is not finished and might come back to give you some grief in the future. I guess we all have that room somewhere, but it’s not always that someone else comes and frees the monster inside by “mistake”. If you were a control freak like I am, I would tell you you are scared people will not do as good a job as you can do yourself and that scares you. That’s also true about kids, took me many years to learn to let go and trust that other people can do a good enough job, LOL.
    Thanks for the series hint, I haven’t seen “Touch” but I read about it and I love Kiefer Sutherland’s acting skills, so I will probably check it, sounds amazingly interesting. From what I read and saw, it also hits close to home, as my own son sees numbers and patterns into everything (he’s not autistic but he has some bordeline anxiety and he’s also gifted, which is most times a blessing and sometimes really hard to manage, but super amazing and fascinating to witness).
    I am glad you feel good and I am sure the day when you get to meet the little one is getting super close, I can’t wait!!! Take good care!!!


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