May-be baby

Sooooo, yeah! We are two now. I mean 3. 4 if you count also Bonnie.

We have a May baby girl, born with 3460 grams. Honestly, the labor and delivery went smoother than I was prepared for emotionally, even if I had no chance for any official preparation classes.

So maybe I was lucky here… The breastfeeding, on the other hand, it’s a whole new different challenge, that makes me reconsider a bit the whole thing.. 😦 at least we are taken care well here and there are she developed some jaundice which kinda made it urgent.

Some details about the birth (too-much-info warning):

It took us 5h since the moment we were admitted in the delivery room, until the baby was born, but I was having very crampy regular contractions at 2.5min interval that started at home, about 4h before we were admitted. At first I took a Paracetamol, then a hot shower, and they were not stopping, so we packed up and off we went. Ok, the bags were already packed in the trunk for 3 weeks already and the car seat installed for 2 weeks.

The best thing was that my partner was there with me all the time and I was allowed to walk around the room, literally until the moment of expulsion. I was actually asked to, because I was at dilation 10 cm about 2h before the big moment, but the baby’s head was still too high.

I was monitored by the midwife from time to time and we had only a very dim light in the room, which helped with relaxing. My doctor came only in the last moment and then also the baby’s doctor. I was breathing through and concentrating at each contraction, consciously relaxing and focusing my energy on helping my pelvis to open. And because the dilation went fast and I was handling it, they said there is no need at all to mess the natural process with an epidural. They only made me one analgesic directly in the vein, which worked by reducing the pain from a 9 to a 8. 😀

I was allowed to eat and drink all the time, but I was only in the mood for few nuts and raisins and when I felt I’m falling asleep between some contractions or losing my energy, I took a big cup of tea with sugar. I didn’t cry or scream at all, as I didn’t see the point, nor I wanted to scare the coming baby 🙂 When everything looked right, I was helped to get on the table and in 3 or 4 contractions she was all out!

I cannot speak in the name of other women, it was indeed a level of pain as I never experienced before, but I felt it the same as very-very strong period cramps, as I was having in my first years of period, but it was conscious and predictable, which helped to always be on top of “the game”. The impression right after and the impression also after few days is that it was an amazing birth. I will never forget the feeling I was having during pushing. It was pain, but with a purpose, which made it almost divine. Anyway, I cannot describe it in words, you have to live it for yourself.

When they put her over my chest I laughed and I said: it wasn’t that bad, so when can we have the next one?! They laughed also. (Leo, doctor, midwife and neo-natologist). And I think I got the most caring midwife and doctor that exist in all the hospital. The doctor knew me, as I had most of my regular checks with her.

I didn’t bath her yet, but I filmed her 2nd bath to show her when she will be 18 😀 I forgot to do this at the 1st bath, we were too tired anyway. Later edit: I gave her the 3rd bath, she was feeling like at SPA.. such an epic face.

Will keep you posted. If you want to read more! 🙂

PS: Even if I don’t speak Czech properly, I found an amazing support from the personnel in this maternity hospital, they helped me a lot with breastfeeding, because my milk had a slow start and, due to the jaundice, the baby was too sleepy to suck enough to trigger it, so additionally I had to pump few times to start lactation, while the baby had few dozes of formula also.

4 thoughts on “May-be baby

  1. gainile

    You have no idea how anxiously I was waiting for this post!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! From what it sounds like, you had the best birth in the world (I know you were being super prepared, and that also helps a lot, but when it comes to your body and what the baby decides to do, sometimes things get tricky), I am sooooo happy for you guys!!! Yay for the May baby!!! Name?How is she settling in? How are you and Leo? (and of course Bonnie – dogs have a tendency to consider babies born in the family as their own babies, I love that, hahaha)

    1. Stefania Post author

      Most probably not the best birth in the world, just faster than I was expecting and not traumatic.
      But it had its downs.. I had a cut which started bothering me barely since day 3.. I cannot sit down..
      The baby had first jaundice, now she has terrible colics..
      And now that I killed my boobs pumping to get the milk started she rejects them because she got used to be fed with the seringe (formula and breastmilk).. They are huge and she doesn’t want them anymore..
      I had a melt-down today when I saw that I have to feed her pumped milk by the seringe..
      I don’t know if this is some psychological blockage from me transfering to her, but this baby sometimes acts like a pre-term… I cried like crazy for half of hour today, my emotions took me by surprise.. I mean, I had to release somehow, nobody is made of stone.. I did go through a lot..
      We are heading home now, I pray everything will be alright and we will accomodate ok and Leo will help us also during the night so I can get more than 2h sleep..

  2. gainile

    Hey, don’t forget your hormones are all over the place, I almost never cried before having kids but my friends warned my husband I will cry a lot, he laughed at them but then watched me horrified when I was crying for the stupidest things and I could not help it, I realized hormones play a bad number on a new mom. So give yourself a break, it’s absolutely normal to feel all this. And I know how hard are the first days of breastfeeding, there will be more, but my only advice is to keep trying, you won’t be sorry and she’ll come around (all babies prefer the easiest way, if given a chance, right?). Good luck, I am here if you need an idea or advice or just a person to yell at when you feel overwhelmed. Really, it will get a lot better soon! Take good care!!!

    1. Stefania Post author

      Thank you very much! Yes, I think we are fine with the boob now 😀 I breastfed her exclusively since we arrived home. Last night we even sleped for 12 hours! I onky woke her up slowly each 4 h to change diaper and feed. But today we had to go to pediatrician and whole schedule was messed up, she is over-tired..

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