And is getting weirder

😀 last evening there was a very big storm right next to us.. The sky was half black, half clear with very bright sun. I had a date with my Leo at Olesna for dinner and I kept checking the weather apps (rain clouds movements) on my new phone, praying the storm will pass by. We arrived at Olesna. We ordered food, the food came very fast.

And then my cousin writes me on Facebook Messenger that the baby girl is cute (or something similar). I was thinking.. wait, how does she know how she looks like? Aaaa.. Ok, maybe mom sent some pictures to my relatives.

I open Facebook. A bunch of notifications. I open my wall. A picture with the baby, taken 2 days prior, had already about 20 likes and 5 comments. Picture posted about 30 min before… I was driving the baby stroller and having the phone in my pocket, about 30 min before… But I remember that weird lightning, outside of the perimeter of the storm…

You know, from time to time I remember the times I lived in 2007-2008 when way too many events were happening to me, that I was having trouble explaining them with the knowledge I got by then.. It was crazy but also exciting. Synchronicity… I mean, some events that were making me question if I’m losing my mind or some part of the SF that we see in movies is not that SF anymore..

From time to time I get nostalgic and I wish it to happen again.

So yeah… Btw, my last blog post before I had the car accident was something like this: passing through the tesseract – done. Out of the record: I still don’t remember how that happened. It’s like 1 second I was driving and thinking about the pizzas that we will have home and the next second I was in a crashed car, trying to explain to someone that I cannot open my seat belt because it got blocked. Apparently I was too bored in the 4th dimension. So yeah.. be careful what you wish for.

Now… For more context… Before leaving for Olesna I had just finished watching iBoy on Netflix.

I had no intention of posting any picture with the baby on Facebook… and yet it happened. And I have no f*** idea how. I try to replicate it, it would take 5 steps, 5 exact clicks in somewhat different parts of the screen. A perfect storm.

But most importantly, I have no f*** idea why. Bewildered. That’s the correct word to describe it. It now got into my head that my baby might have telekinetic abilities and she posted the picture by herself, with the help of that lightning. 😀

When I saw it, I got scared and I deleted it immediately, I’m sad that I didn’t note the exact minute when it was posted to analyze more about it. I remember now, in those moments I was thinking about writing a blog post about how to overcome obsessions.

The baby started smiling more and even laughing. Sometimes I find it creepy. 😀 The first time she did it, it was on Sunday evening, we also wanted to go out for dinner and, after she woke up, I was changing her diaper. In the second I was closing the 2nd wing, it got warm and the line turned half blue. I looked at her and I asked her trying to use a dramatic voice: so what do you expect me to do now, change you again?! And she laughed. Like, big, noisy laugh.

Is it hard to raise a baby with telekinetic abilities? 😀 Anyone? Ok, my phone was hacked by my leg, sounds more reasonable? Lucky it was not the picture I took with her diaper rash, to check the healing progress.

2 thoughts on “And is getting weirder

  1. gainile

    That’s crazy!!! I am always obsessed I will post something without intending to, I am paranoid about closing all apps when I put my phone in my pocket or anything like that. I have gotten lots of “pocket calls” from friends and seen some crazy things posted “from a pocket” so I am always way too careful (read OCD) and close everything time and time again, hahaha. I sometimes wish I knew what your daughter looks like, lol, I bet she’s really cute! But yes, I get it, her (and your) online presence should be controlled, not random 🙂 I love when babies laugh, that big rolling belly laugh, it’s the best sound in the world. When my son was a tiny baby, I was looking at something on the laptop while holding him and happened across a Dream Theater youtube clip, at one point he started laughing like a maniac, no idea what was so funny. I told hubby that night and he tried it too. At the same moment in the clip, the baby started laughing again. This went on for weeks, every once in a while we would try it again and at that specific point in the song he would start laughing at something in that clip, still no idea why. But babies are funny like that 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      Yea 🙂 I don’t remember if I wrote in the blog post but I didn’t have screen lock activated on the phone as it was new and I didn’t get the chance… It also happened one time few days ago when I “pocket called” Leo… I should’ve learned from that. Anyway.. The ladybug laughs sometimes when we wistle to her and when we make wind on her face :)) she has to be in the right focus, sometimes she seems so concentrated, in her world, that you would think she is trying to solve one of those millennium math problems :))
      do you have FB? We can move our “relationship” to the next level :)))

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