The beginning of the rest of my life..

I’ve been fussy all day, trying to find an answer to the question “What to do with the rest of my life”, visualizing how I will write a blog post about it, but then giving up, thinking that nobody would want to read about it.. I mean, nobody would want to read the grand majority of my blog posts, unless they know me or have some special interest or care regarding my life path 😀

Until I saw on Diana’s FB page, the Fine one, that she wrote an entry about this question :)) Ha! Coincidence much? Anyway, now I have the guts to write also.

The thing is.. I always wanted to raise and educate a child, so I can apply what was never applied with me. But my memories (and my traumas, for that matter) of my faulty education, started around school time. My baby is not even 2 months old. There isn’t much you can do to entertain a 2 months old, except being there when she needs boob, diaper change or to see your face. She is so much observing lately, with her big blue eyes, she’s trying to laugh when I make faces to her, when I squeeze plastic bags or I rip papers. And when I clap her hands.

I always wondered how my parents survived for the past 20+ years with the same employer, more or less also the same position. My mom tried to further educate herself by taking Microsoft Office classes, Psychology/Pedagogy module and basic English, so she will become a proper teacher… But I don’t know what went wrong in the process, as she is still (just) Lab Assistant… responsible for the science Labs. Even if she does have University studies, Engineering even. I remember when I was in University I told her that she was stupid for not aspiring for more in her career… She got very upset and told me that I am ungrateful for the time she dedicated to us.

My dad had to follow a Management Master’s Degree so he can obtain the higher Management position in his Office, which he did have for few years. Otherwise he worked as Forest Engineer. Now he is recently retired. I wonder what he does all day 😀 I will ask him next month, June was always his yearly vacation month so he might’ve not realized yet that he doesn’t have a job anymore. On the other hand, my dad was never present to any of our school events, he had no idea what our teachers names are and never been to any doctor checks with us. That’s why I want to involve my baby’s dad into everything, so far baby’s bath time is the most expected time to spend all 3 together.

But what about me? I mean, luckily I can afford to spend 2 years in Leave for raising baby.. I hope once she will be bigger I can take her out for longer walks in the park. Now, if she’s literally dependent on boob.. it’s frustrating to take it out every half hour, in the rare occasions when we eat out for dinner, I always have her on my lap, otherwise she cries. And I cannot stand to hear her cry when I know I own the magical potion that would make her stop. 😀

Ok, long story short. After I left my home-town, I lived for 10 years in Bucharest. Ok, with a break of 5 months while I was studying and doing work Internship in Spain. This year I’m counting 7 since I left my home-country. Still flying there for vacation few times a year.. Last time was in July last year.. Hoping to get there again in September this year, packed also with the baby 🙂

I had.. Travel Agency, BPO Company, Call-Center… So 3 employers, before the current one. Currently the 3rd project/team with this employer. Ok, what I’m trying to express here: for our generation, is kinda impossible to hold the same job (more or less, let’s say the same field) with the same employer for 20+ years. And even so, if you are working in Outsourcing or Consulting, you change so many projects, while still keeping the same job. I wonder how will this job market look like 10-20 years from now.

As for the skills that my baby will need for when she will start working, I can only speculate.. I “see” the home-working freelancing industry is growing exponentially, so I’m hoping the work-centers will slowly dissolve, the traffic jams in the cities will slowly disappear… I “see” much more people on bikes or using transportation means on alternative fuel.. I “see” robots and AI everywhere. I mean, try to think backwards, how much the way we access information has changed in the past 20-30 years…

Be right back… I have a diaper to change and a boob to employ. For the time being. I’ll (try to) correct the spelling mistakes when I am back.

Update: My dad just video-called me :)) He said by mistake, he was testing his new phone. :)) Sure. Mistake. I prefer to call it synchronicity.

2 thoughts on “The beginning of the rest of my life..

  1. gainile

    I used to be all about career before the kids came along. Sadly, now the career only helps to provide the means to educate my kids better, all my thoughts revolve around them. Your kid is still tiny and you don’t see her full personality yet, but when you do, you will know what to do with your life. And it won’t be easy, as it was a hard lesson for me to realize my kids have their own ideas and personality, sometimes 180 degrees different than mine and I have to let go of trying to control things. They say, think and do things differently than me, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I realize we (me and my favourite guy in the world) are doing more and more things now to make this planet a better place, not for us but for our kids. We are doing more things for our health, with the long term goal of being around our kids for a longer time to observe how their lives will unfold. And so on. Trust me, it’s the best feeling in the world when dad is involved in the life of his kids as much as he can, I grew up in a household where my dad was a better mom to me than my mom, and that left a big impression on me and raised the bar a lot. Happy to report my husband is a lot more than I expected when it comes to (also) parenthood, I look around me and I feel the luckiest person on earth, what did I do to deserve such a partner and such a family… But I also realize that what I do professionally has a huge impact on the kids, I had no idea how important for them is that their parents make a difference in the world, I see it in the way they tell their friends what we do for a living and I see it in their friend’s reactions too. So I want to be great professionally, to make my kids proud as well. My initial impulse was that I don’t want to work anymore, I would like to only care for my kids (hint: your mom’s sacrificing her career for you guys), but then I read an article that resonated a lot with me and made me realize how important is the parents’ work in a child’s life ( even though my kids are still young but I think that’s where we’re shortly heading, so I am observing and preparing as much as I can. Don’t worry, we’ll never figure out properly how to be adults, but we all learn as we go 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      I just had a video call with mom and dad! Dad called by mistake :)) He usually only calls (sometimes) on my birthday. 😀

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