Baby things we never used

The absolute first thing I bought (ordered on when I was still in the first trimester, was the Miracle Blanket, that was on the list I received from a coleague from work. Baby never used it and it wasn’t that cheap.. I tried to put her in it while still in maternity, she was crying sooo bad, that holding her arms restrained like that was even more terror. I guess some babies like to be swadled, some not. We did use 3 different sleeping bags, one of them, size 70, retired last week, as she couldn’t move her legs that much into it anymore.

Mine was never swadled, she liked having her arms free all the time, at around 1 month she discovered she can suck her tumb. So that was it, another thing she never used was the Pacifier.

Another thing she never used was the manual Breastpump. I mean, I used it one time, when we got home with her, but she didn’t get to drink that milk, as she started latching properly from the minute we got home. I was given an electrical one in maternity to stimulate the lactation, as she was having a bit of jaundice and she was falling asleep almost instantly, as I was putting her.

And then at around her 4th month I tried using it because I had to train her for bottle, for that time when I had to do my exam. But when I noticed it took me 20 min to extract barely 20 ml, I gave up and I started training her on formula. The max formula she got in a day was 120 ml, I was giving her 1/2 portion for lunch, until she started solids.

Now, regarding the formula, another thing she never used was a box of Hipp Combiotic 1, that I bought in the way home with her from maternity, just in case we would still have problems and she would not drink. So I had to throw it, as I got to open it and it expired.

Other things she never used were two back supports I bought for her baby tub. I don’t know why I bought them, because I always bathed her holding her properly over my left arm.

Other things I never used were the tons of clothes. I mean, swadle clothes, burping clothes etc. She was using them a lot in the first months, but I was also doing her laundry two times per week so we had enough to rotate, some are still in the box.

Now, still at the bath, other thing that she never used were the Inside Baby Caps, like after the bath. We bought 2 newborn ones and around 3 more later on, but she never needed them. When she had the biggest hair so far, at around 3 months, it was already full summer. And then she started to lose her newborn hair so no need either. And now that her hair is back she is grown enough to pull it out from her head.

As for newborn clothes, even if she had 48 cm at birth, she had a big belly, so all newborn size 50 clothes I bought her were too small (two pajama onesies and one newborn full set, another newborn full set she wore just only one time, when we brought her home from maternity). What she wore the most were size 56 and 62. We had a set of 5 footed pants size 62 that she wore from birth until about one week ago, when I was finally emotionally ready to let them go and buy her new footed pants.

That’s about it for now, I will add more as I remember, she just woke up, we go for lunch.

2 thoughts on “Baby things we never used

  1. gainile

    I bought very few things before the first baby was born. A friend wanted to surprise me and put money together with some of my other friends, without consulting me she bought me a newborn bassinet. She got royally pissed when I asked her for the receipt and promptly exchanged that, paid the difference and bought a proper crib. I didn’t care that much and I was right, the bassinet was good to 5Kg, my firstborn was 4.5Kg at birth, he reached the 5Kg mark in less than a month. However, that crib successfully served for more than 5 years and 2 kids and went further to another kid in need. I would call that 1-0 for me 🙂 I barely had any clothes but I had a stroller with a carseat (which is mandatory here when you get out of the hospital). The rest I bought after, when I started to get to know the baby and realized what else we need and I was happy I used almost 100% of everything. I bought a pacifier but never ever used it with any of the two kids, they both hated it so yay! It’s always funny to see what moms bought before the baby came and what they ended up using 🙂

    1. Stefania Post author

      Luckily the crib I bought, Chicco Next to Me, is still in use. It says it should be used until baby sits by herself or when she reaches 9 kg. So far we are fine, but she just discovered how to hold herself and sit up in the stroller in order to chew on the protection bar, at least it’s leather. 😀
      As for the car seat, I’m very happy with the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix, we removed the newborn insert foam when she reached 4 months and she still fits in it perfectly.
      Now we have to buy her a slay 😀 last night we had the first snow for this winter.

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