Dimensions.. here we go again

If I remember correctly, some time in the autumn of 2006, I had a temporary obsession of cracking the mathematical code for winning the Romanian lottery: “6 out of 49”, by playing in Excel, with the archives of the numbers that have been extracted prior that date.

I knew that, the only thing I would need to solve it, is a graphical representation of “a 6 variables equation system“. And I also knew that, for that, I would need to understand the 6th Dimension. Have I wrote about it before? Nevermind.. And I also knew that the archive available is significantly small, compared to what I might need to make an accurate code out of it.

And then I forgot. About one year later I came across a Youtube video that was explaining what the 6th Dimension might look like.. and the 7th, 8th etc etc. And my brain stopped responding, somewhere along 😀

Then, I came to Czech Republic and then Interstellar happened and I got obsessed again. Here, the most common lotto system is “6 out of 40”, but you win something also with guessing just 3 of them and they do it two times a week and two extractions each time. I don’t know if they have archives available with the winning numbers, nor I care. Here is 20 czk to play a variant/section, which I think it’s cheaper than what it was in RO, when I left.

So, for a while, I was playing by putting all numbers from 1 to 40, split as 6 in 10 sections. (So, some would come 2 times). I won few times, by guessing the minimum 3, but the amount was just about enough to cover the cost of that ticket with 10 variants. Until I had a dream that I should not put that many lotto tickets because I’m losing my Angels. 😀 Yeah.. anyway…

Few days ago, actually in the exact day when my former colleague from the call-center died (RIP, I hope he is happy and peaceful, where he is now), I saw on his Facebook profile that he follows Fringe, so I wanted to watch the series again, now I’m about to finish Season 2.

Parallel to that, about a week ago, when I discovered on Youtube “the mandala” of the Orbit pattern between Earth and Venus, Leo showed me that joke-video when a client is asking a firm to “draw 7 red lines, from which 3 are with green ink, all perpendicular on each other. and one of them to be also in form of a kitten”. But I didn’t catch the joke. That’s because I knew, somehow in my mind, that I know how to do it…

So I started to draw it. And then I said what if I try to make a physical model, and I made a cube out of toothpicks and ginger root corners, when I was like “Oh, wait, I forgot I’m still in 3D.. ”

And then, because of an episode of Fringe, I wanted to see how a graph of a 9th degree equation might look like… Search Google “graph x^9″… now I wonder for what kids still go to school,  guess mine will have high chances to be self-schooled, as absolutely everything they would teach in school is on the Internet. And the things really worth knowing, will never be taught, right? 😀

And now I just discovered that from 20.01.2016, 18:18, my consciousness is living into the 5th Dimension, so it might not be that complicated anymore to visualise myself in the 6D. The funny part is that, now, I don’t want to win the lottery anymore (I got the paper that my parental leave allowance has been officially increased to 300k czk, so I’m fine 😀 ), now I’m just obsessed with the Math behind it.

And Quantum Physics… Even if I don’t really understand anything from it, because I never studied it.

But yeah.. Looking at this little creature next to me in bed, asking for my attention, I guess somehow, I did understand just enough, I understood the Divinity behind it. Some time, things happen, no matter how much we calculate or we don’t calculate it.

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