Baby has earrings!!!

She was very brave!! She cried, for like 1 minute, with big salted tears, I haven’t seen her cry like this before. It broke my heart. It was less cry than at vaccine, but it felt more intense, you could see on her face, about 10 min later, she was still sad.

But then, when I saw her with them, smiling, I fell inlove with her. I literally fell inlove with her! She hasn’t made me feel so much for her until now. She is so sweet and cute and precious and radiant… You got the point.

Mom and Dan came to visit, they were here all week, they will leave tomorrow morning. Mom worked like crazy, she spent 50% of her time cooking and the other 50% playing with baby.

After “the earrings mission”, we went to Fryda and we bought her some toys and she had a bottle of milk and she slept for 1&1/2 hours, while we did mostly window-shopping and we ate at the food court.

And at home we still had our Christmas tree, barely now they are putting in down.

After she will fall asleep, now, I’m going to study, as I have every evening for the past 2 weeks. I hope she will sleep, because, since we put her into the bigger baby bed, she keeps rolling herself on her belly, she is sleeping like this also, but we have to watch her closely to make sure she knows how to put her head to breathe properly, sometimes she just stays like that, on her belly, with the head up, gazing in the dark 😀

So yeah, that’s about it for now.

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