Baby has teeth!!

I noticed, a couple of days ago, the bottom right one was visible through the gum and now it’s completely out, I can feel it with my finger, and the left one is also visible!! Yeey!! Mom asked if she cried when they got out… Not that I know of… She was sometimes waking up screaming, in the past nights, but I thought she was having nightmares or she hurt herself on the crib margins.

On the other hand, I have a tooth ache. I went at the regular check in November and they told me barely in March they have free spots. It was hurting me for a while in summer, then it stopped, but few days ago it started again. I don’t know what to do.. wait until my appointment or go to the emergency room.. I haven’t had a tooth ache in almost 10 years and when I got here I had almost all my previous fillings re-done. I guess this is one of the remaining ones, that got demineralised during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Another milestone of baby’s independence: today she discovered she can sit by herself! I was watching her, how she was struggling, but she had determination, she knew what she wanted and she didn’t give up! I am decided to not help her unless she ends up in a weird position that causes her pain. I was offering her my hand but she wouldn’t grab it. I never saw her so focused before, in her movements, it was scary! As if she just had another major software update. It took her few minutes the first time. She did “a demonstration” also for daddy, some minutes later. Now she can do it in 5 seconds. She is amazing!!

She just banged her head on one of the crib’s walls and she didn’t even notice.. I picked her up immediately expecting 5 min of crying! Nothing. Zero. Zilch. That’s my brave girl! Mommy’s little gymnast.

My baby is gone… Now I have a very independent, brave little girl. It makes me cry! I think this stage between 9 and 12 months is the most interesting, she is learning so many things, so fast!!

And I have to study for my ACCA exam… And UK left the EU and I’m still studying for my exam. Sometimes I think I’m crazy, I feel so tired, the lack of proper sleep in the past months is starting to leave marks. Not only on my tummy and hips. Sometimes I feel I want to throw those books into the fire-stove and pretend I never started them. I feel guilty that I’m not giving 100% of my time and energy to baby. Why have I started them in the first place!? I have paid for the exam already, so I have to go now..

Did I mention on Friday evening she fell from the couch’s bed down-stairs? I left her sitting, playing, in the bed, went for a glass of water, we had just turned back from groceries shopping. I forgot she is like running Mercury now. She cried a bit but didn’t have any signs on her head or arms.. So maybe she fell feet first. I don’t know. I was not naive, I knew that no matter how much attention you give them, they will eventually end up falling from the bed. It’s part of their learning curve. So we celebrate it!! 😀

About a week ago, she was leaning on the side of the bed, observing what is down. I showed her that she can fall and I hurt my knee in the process, I have a big bruise. Several times I demonstrated her what happens when the bed ends.

The left-over hair, from the one she was born with, it took the form of bangs and it’s now getting into her eyes. I’ve been catching them in a tiny ponytail with a tiny rubber band, but it’s added stress, I’m afraid she will pull it out one day and eat it. Or find it in the crib during the night and eat it. Or find God knows what wherever and eat it.

Hmm..  this blog post made me hungry. Or her latching for almost 1h now and not wanting to fall asleep. I thought that after such sitting-pulling-rolling marathon demonstration she would fall asleep instantly…

So yeah. I’m going out to celebrate tonight. Shopping spree in Lidl 😀 9 months inside + 9 months outside!! Yeaaay!!!

1 thought on “Baby has teeth!!

  1. gainile

    I am still here and still reading (and enjoying very much the – not so little anymore – kiddo’s adventures), every little thing you are writing sounds like an echo to me (yup, I’ve done that too… check that too), it’s hilarious! Maybe every single mother on earth goes through the same motions with the baby 🙂 same fears, same “events” (each of mine fell once from the bed and I was looking for concussion signs for days after, haha). Congrats for the first tooth, yay!!! only a lot more to go! (I am in the same stage, so to speak, my kids are in the process of getting their final teeth and it’s crazy when they come in!


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