Baby can crawl!!!

After two weeks of practicing sitting and rolling front-back-front-infinity, all over the bed, today baby finally decided it’s time to start crawling in 4 on daddy’s yoga mat!! I’m so proud of her! I’m looking at some “old” pictures and videos, when we just brought her home.. So cute!! It makes me cry!

Just about 20 min ago she did her first proper crawling steps and now she doesn’t stop! At least she understands the concept of “No”. “No pulling cables, no touching mommy’s laptop.” Ocasionally she can eat mommy’s Financial Management books. If mommy didn’t throw up from studying them, she’s safe if she eats a page or two. Joking. Ok, maybe a small corner. That corner on which she spilled my coffee on my birthday.

Oh my God! Baby is crawling!! I have to vacuum and wash the floors with Sanytol. She was just about to eat a dead ladybug.

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