So.. Baby is now 1

I don’t know what to write anymore, I found some games on my phone and I got very captivated (one in particular), which also gave me the opportunity to reflect about the past months… It’s been hard, with the exams, with baby’s new milestones, with the lockdown… I wrote some posts, then I deleted them.

I hope from now on things will start to turn a bit better, for the past days I found the courage to take the stroller for short walks around the house, hopefully we can continue. And we also bought baby a swing, so we will be spending more fun time outside, once it will get a bit better, it’s rainy for the past 2 days, max 14 degrees at midday, which for me is cold.

So yeah.. keeping up the good work.

Going back to my game, I’m stuck right now, at score more than 3 million, considering the last record was a bit over 2m. But I am waiting to get some more coins unlocked, so I can take advantage of the extra tricks.

Screenshot_20200503-134405Or I can pay directly… Honestly, for the time that it entertained me in the past week and I forgot to over-eat, I think it deserves my 2$ to unlock 600 more coins. It’s a means, not a purpose. Already lost 2 pounds. 😃

So… Keeping up the good work.

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