Dear daughter

As you are sleeping now at my bosom, I wish to tell you something…

Among other virtues in life, you need to learn the virtue of discretion. You need to find the energy of keeping someone else’s secrets. Something that your mom couldn’t learn until too late in life… because your mom is a Sagittarius Sun with also Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius… When people come to you, to tell you things about them, you don’t have to tell them back to someone else unless you have their permission.

If is not an urgent matter of health, you don’t have to tell me either. I mean, the little things, the who did or said what to whom or about whom, you can keep them for yourself and maybe even suggest people to stop coming to you with this kind of things. Gossip is not cool. Expecially in a world rulled by social media.

You obviously can tell me if somebody treated you disrespectfully or bullied you, so that we can find together a solution to stop it, without being rude. You will probably be bullied, in this small city, because your mom is a foreigner and because you will speak better English than Czech by the time you start kindergarden…

So yeah… hang in there, baby!

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