Plans for 2021

So.. the first thing is arranging kindergarten/day-care for baby who just turned 20 months old. Mama needs some time to breathe. Today if possible. She started to like youtube videos too much lately. I know, the rule was zero screen time until 2 years old.. but the rule was invented pre-covid. This is how we will be counting time from now on, pre-covid era and post-covid era.

I’m still breastfeeding (waking up 2-3 times during the night), with the covid paranoia (I mean, other people’s paranoia, as we had the virus and survived it already, in November), and the neverending lockdowns (for more than a week now, we cannot even buy clothes – not even baby clothes -, toys and house items – paints, bricolage – in the shops), with my 2h/day working from home and my ACCA exams, and Leo working up to 10h/day also from home, I am starting to go crazy. It’s like I am always a bottle full of nerves ready to explode, whenever something unplanned happens, is terrible. Like now, when I cannot find baby’s water bottle.

Then, once she is having a routine there, 4h/day at least 4 days a week, I can start working for me more… Like after a month dedicated only for sleeping.

I want to take some classes of driving to refresh my skills and renew my driver’s licence. And buy myself a car, just for me and baby, for the city. I am thinking at a small one, with two doors and automatic transmission.

Where we live now we cannot count only on public transportation… direct buses are only in the morning (too early) and taxi can get a bit complicated since we have to carry also a car seat whenever we have to go somewhere with baby, as I don’t know if they come with car seat included. And if I have to take her daily to kindergarten, we need another car.

Regarding car seat, we also need to get a new car seat for baby. This is kinda urgent, this month or the next one, as she almost outgrew the shell one that we have since newborn. And we have to drive to Ostrava for that..

Then, I want to pass at least two more ACCA exams this year. I’m currently studying for the Audit and Assurance one, that I plan to sit in March, I read everything in the study text already and I’m now in revision mode, doing exercises from the exam kit, trying to get the full-picture ot it.

And I have also started reading for the Strategic Business Leader exam, from the Professional module, I’m at the third chapter from the study book. I would like to sit for this one in June.

And also from June (the latest), I have to get to 4h/day at work, because my parental leave and allowance will be ending in May.

Then, we would like to have some nice summer vacation somewhere exotic. Not too exotic, just some Mediteranean country, maybe Tunisia if we are in the mood for more adventure, if not, maybe just Italy or Greece.

And that’s about it for now. Going to stress Leo to call to kindergarten again to make an appointment for visiting. I really hope we find a free place to this private one and that it’s just as nice in real site also, as it is in online.

So, bye for now. Happy New Year!

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